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Hanoi the cradle of Vietnamese culture. The place also holds a lot of national cultural identities. Also a great tourist destination for everyone. Because even in Hanoi inner city there are many famous places, beautiful scenes attract people. Let see some experience travel HaNoi by famous food and famous place

The Best Time To Travel Hanoi

Hanoi is perhaps the most beautiful in the autumn of season fallen leaves. When all the streets of Hanoi covered a yellow color of leaves that signaled the arrival of the autumn. From August to October of the year. When the rain of summer is over. The sun is no longer too harsh and the temperature is medium, the air is cool. It was a most beauty of HaNoi so that people could visit Hanoi in the best way.

The Season To Travel HaNoi

When Hanoi went winter from November onwards, Hanoi changed to bring a sad color. Cold chills of cold air. But you can enjoy the special dishes of Hanoi winter.

Popular Vehicle When Travel Hanoi

Coming to Hanoi, you can really find a lot of transportation on the roads. Because the development of Hanoi is getting bigger and bigger.

Motorbike : you can find and rent a motorbike throughout Hanoi. Or maybe use grabbike and grabcar services. But as I thought maybe renting a motorbike is a good and time-saving solution, freedom and active in traveling to discover Hanoi. Only about 100k, you have a motorbike for a day of Hanoi.
See about motorbike rental HaNoi : in here
See about motorbike rental Mr-Good Bikes : in here

Travel hanoi
Rent Motorbike to Travel HaNoi

Cyclo Chain: Cyclo is the traditional means of transport still retained to this day. The means that many foreign friends love when coming to Vietnam. And mostly only in the old town.
The price to get a cyclo to go around Old Quarter for 200.000 VNĐ

Travel hanoi experience
Rent Cyclo to Travel HaNoi

Bus: The type of public transport is extremely familiar to the people of the capital and students. Cheap only from 7k – 9k / turn. However, with public transport, you will take time to wait and move. Especially in the time of traffic congestion. In particular, you can enjoy the adventurous feeling when boarding 2-floor buses. It only runs in certain streets

Travel hanoi experience by bus
Travel HaNoi By Bus

Some Famous Hotels Near OLD Town When Travel HaNoi

When you want to travel HaNoi, you will must have plan to find some hotel or hostel to rest in HaNoi. There is some hotel you can refer

The Oriental Jade Hotel :
Address : No 92-94 Hàng Trống | Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
The price : 2.000.000 vnđ / night

The Oriental Jade Hotel

Hotel Paradise :
Address : No 62 Hàng Bạc street – Hoàn Kiếm district – Hà Nội city, Việt Nam
The price : 600.000 VNĐ

Hotel Phố Cổ Hà Nội :
Address : No 2 – Nguyễn Hữu Huân street – Hoàn Kiếm district – Hà Nội
The price : 900.000 VNĐ

HaNoi Old Quarter Hotel

Especially if you want to look for motels overlooking the lake, cool and clean fresh air. Then West Lake is a place with many hotels suitable for the beautiful view to choose.

Some famous place to travel HaNoi

Hoàn Kiếm LaKe :

Hoan Kiem Lake: one of the most famous sights in Hanoi. As well as being a symbol of Hanoi every time we mention it. Located in the position of connecting the old town and the 36 streets. As a central area of Hanoi capital, you can easily reach the lake by public transport. Still dubbed the heart of the capital. Hoàn Kiếm Lake is associated with many thrilling stories from the time when King Le Loi borrowed sword to fight the enemy.

Hoàn Kiếm Lake

The ancient lake is called “Luc Thuy” lake because the lake water doesn’t understand why there is a green around the year. Since the reign of King Le give back the sword Turtle, the lake has been renamed to Hoan Kiem Lake. In the middle of the lake is an ancient Turtle Tower built on a natural mound in the middle of the lake. Around the Lake are many long-standing historical and cultural relics such as Tháp Bút, Ngọc Sơn, The Huc, Đài Nghiên … That is the national cultural beauty of Vietnam since many years now on. Create a Hanoi 1000 years of culture. Not only attracting all tourists, Hoàn Kiếm Lake is also a favorite place for young people to choose to take wedding photos. it still the place everyone relax or excercise, walk everyday

Mausoleum Ho Chi Minh

Intending to visit Hanoi, you will definitely intend to visit HO CHI MINH mausoleum. Resting place of the old father of the nation. The place also retains the memories of Uncle Ho. Where there was a stilt house, Uncle Ho worked and rested during the years after peace. The gardens, fish ponds and stilt houses are absent Uncle. But Uncle’s images are still around here whenever we visits this scene.

Mausoleum Ho Chi Minh

Located right on Hùng Vương street opposite the National Assembly building. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ba Đình Square was a time. It will be the national self-esteem that rises every time we come here.

Old Quarter

36 Phố Phường: Old Quarter that have made famous Hanoi. From a long time ago, this place was crowded with people selling merchants from everywhere to pull with all kinds of goods. It is still maintained until today. Coming to the Old Street, you can enjoy exploring the ancient space stained with time through streets and street corners. Especially the ancient houses with moss wall tile roofs. All in small lanes of small streets.

Travel hanoi experience with 36 streets
HaNoi 36 streets

West Lake

One of the largest lakes in Hanoi and also the most fascinating scenery. The famous West Lake from past to present is the setting of sunrise every morning and sunset. The vast space of the lake creates many views with people.

Travel hanoi experience with west lake
West Lake in the night

The scenery of Ho Tay sunset every afternoon makes us feel like Hanoi is changing the shirt to move into a quiet night. It is also a the spacious and airy space of West Lake. It is the attraction of many young people, everyone pulls together to rest in the wind to gather in the hot summer days. Especially on the side of the lake, there are many famous dishes. Among them, the most famous is probably Ho Tay snail, a rustic and extremely attractive dish.

Thang Long Citadel

One of the historical monuments from the time of the lord remained in Hanoi until today. Hoang Thanh With a massive area of nearly 140ha. Built retain through many kings and dynasties. Although undergoing long-term resistance wars, Hoang Thanh still retains all of its ancient architectural features. Everything is almost still original without being devastated by war.

Thang Long Citadel

Quốc Tử Giám Temple

Built in the early 11th century. The first university of our country. It is also a place to honor doctoral. Initially, Văn Miếu was opened only for the kings’ kinship to study. But it was later expanded to educate talents all over the country. Create sources to create talent for building prosperous country.

Quốc Tử Giám Temple

The Van Mieu Temple is also one of the ancient works with beautiful star patterns. With unique ancient design that appeals to everyone.

Cathedral HaNoi

Near the bustling old quarter of Hanoi is a fun place to gather for young people today. It is a place where people often visit and admire the beauty from the French colonial architecture. And take pictures to make memories of its ancient antiquity.

Cathedral HaNoi

Hanoi Opera House

The big theater where major arts events are organized by many famous Vietnamese singers and artists. The place where people can visit to discover the French architectural style. It is also a place of entertainment, lemon tea cut the wind quite famous of young people.

Hanoi Opera House

Walk street

Although it was only opened on the last 2 days of the week, the pedestrian street attracted thousands of people to rush to each weekend. Folk games like taking us back to a childhood. Street artists are still trying to keep and convey the national culture. Night market with a variety of souvenirs is sold right next to Sword Lake.

Walk Streets

Tourist Attractions Near Hanoi Let Try When Travel HaNoi

Not only in the inner city but also outside the city, you can find interesting places to play. There is good place for you when you want to travel HaNoi

Bat Trang pottery village

The village has a tradition of producing ceramics for hundreds of years. Everything is still maintained and thrived until today. With a series of statues, reliefs, mementos, pottery, … All are decorated by artisans with unique artistic paintings. Arriving here, visiting villages not only witnessed pottery artists. It can also be directly involved in pottery making as an artist. You can make your own favorite items and bring them home as souvenirs.
Bát Tràng pottery village in Gia Lam district is only about 40 km from Hanoi.

Bát Tràng Village

Việt Đông Mô Ethnic Culture Village

The place recreates all the unique cultural heritage values of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups. Very popular sights of international friends when visiting Vietnam.

Viet Dong Mo Ethnic Culture Village

Đường Lâm ancient village

About 45km from Hanoi capital. This is a very famous tourist destination. It is an interesting place for film crews to set up scenes to act. This is the first ancient village in Vietnam awarded by the National Historic Site.
Until today the village still retains intact ancient architectural features. Particularly, people’s living standards are still preserved until now. It has been nearly 300 years since the village has kept everything intact.

Đường Lâm Ancient Village

Mountain Trầm

30km from the center of Hanoi in the direction of Ha Tay. It is an interesting place for us to organize camps. Because this place has a very wide space. A wonderful setting when night falls, everything becomes fanciful with a white mist.

Trầm Mountain

Ba Vì

Ba Vì National Park is a complex of tourism, entertainment and recreation. It is a tourist destination that is suitable for everyone. If you follow your family, you can take a vacation to visit the national park. If you follow the group, you can camp and sleep in the forest.
Ba Vi is also an extremely sacred mountain for Vietnam through each stage of history. And legend stories about Mount Tản Viên.
Ba Vi is increasingly being developed and promoted in tourism. When being endowed with nature with romantic landscape, fresh air, mineral.

church poured in Ba Vì

Famous Food Let Try When Travel HaNoi

Phở Bò

A famous dish not only in the country but also world friends know. Speaking of which, everyone wants to enjoy when walking to Hanoi. Some famous Phở shops in Hanoi are Phở Gánh in Hàng Trống . The shop is a small street vendors on the sidewalk, only small chairs and only open in the afternoon. The restaurant has existed for a long time and there is always a large number of supporters. That’s why the restaurant is always full of people, even queuing up and having to wait a long time.
In addition, you can also enjoy delicious Pho beef at Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su and Pho Hung are also delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi. Each shop has a characteristic, a unique flavor of the restaurant.

Noodle Beef

“Bún chả”

Coming to Hanoi without eating Bún Chả is a disadvantage for you. Even OBAMA president came to Hanoi to visit and work, he also went to try the Bún Chả in here.

Not only is it delicious in taste but it is also one of the special dishes imbued with national identity. “Chả” is made with minced lean meat and then marinated with spices and roll by the hand. Then bake on the grill until the aroma arises. Sauce is an added flavor of delicious Bún Chả dish. Including sweet and sour fish sauce, chili garlic, pepper and green papaya.

Travel hanoi experience bún chả
Noodle Sping Roll

List of delicious addresses that you can visit to enjoy:
Bún chả Hương Liên: No:24 Lê Văn Hưu street – Hai Bà Trưng district , Hà Nội.
Bún chả Đắc Kim: No 1 Hàng Mành street, Hoàn Kiếm district, Hà Nội.
Bún chả kẹp que tre: crossroad Nguyễn Du street – Bà Triệu street

“Bún Thang”

Noodle Thang is a dish containing many quintessence in the culinary culture of Ha Thanh. Ingredients include milled chicken meat, fried chicken eggs, bone broth, shrimp, and a little taste of shrimp sauce.

Travel hanoi experience with bún thang
Noodle Thang

Bún thang Cầu Gỗ: No: 48 Cầu Gỗ street, Hoàn Kiếm district, Hà Nội.
Bún thang Hàng Hòm: No 11 Hàng Hòm street, Hoàn Kiếm district, Hà Nội.

Nuggets “Vòng” village

A culinary specialty of Vietnamese people in general and a culture of Hanoi in particular. Nuggets are made from young rice. The rice is removed from the seed and roasted and then pounded and separated. We have to go through 7 times pounded to get the delicious nuggets.

Travel hanoi experience with cốm cake
Nuggets Vòng

Cốm cake

Up to now only sold at 11 Hang Than and still keep the way of making traditional handmade cakes. The green cereal cakes inside are a yellow green bean paste. The cake has the scent of coconut and green beans.

Cốm Cake

Cuốn Cake Thanh Trì

Roll cake is a familiar dish of Ha Thanh people every morning. The main material makes rollers, which are delicious rice, ground into powder and coated into thin layers. The filling is made of pork, mushrooms and is rolled over with dry onions. Usually eat with rolls cinnamon spring and herbs.

cuốn cake
Cuốn Cake

Cuốn Cake Bà Hoành: No:66 Tô Hiến Thành street.
Cuốn Cake Thanh Vân: No 81 Lê Văn Hưu street.

Noodle Tofu “Mắm Tôm”

Food that everyone knows about and wants to try once. The ingredient of bean vermicelli is not so special, but it is very attractive to people to eat. It is because the flavor of shrimp sauce is properly mixed to make the bean vermicelli dish more attractive.

Travel hanoi experience bún đậu mắm tôm
Noodle Tofu

Address: No 31 Hàng Khay street.
Address: No 54 Phan Huy Ích street.

Phở Cuốn

Phở Cuốn: white noodlecake and beef and herbs inside, adding dots with the right fish sauce is a delicious snack of Hanoi. To enjoy this delicacy, you can go to pho shops in Ngu Xa or on Quan Thanh street. In addition to rice noodle soup, these shops also sell fried pho noodles, egg-fried pho, and delicious fried chicken meat.

Travel hanoi experience with phở cuốn
Phở Cuốn


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Tu Liem is a fairly large and newly developed district in Hanoi today. However, in Tu Liem, there are many universities focusing on this area such as commercial university, geological mine university, police academy. Along with a large bus station such as My Dinh bus station, Nam Thang Long bus station, so everyone’s travel needs are extremely great. To help people feel secure to find vehicles at motorbike rental Tu Liem facilities, please share some considerations when renting motorbikes here.

The Price Motorbike Rental Tu Liem

If you do not rush to consider, you are very easy to hire a car from a very expensive store.

motorbike rental tu liem
Check the price before rent motorbike

With motorbike rental shops near universities, the average rental price is as follows:

Rent motorbike follow hour : 30k / 1 hour

The price for rent from 150.000 vnđ – 200.000 vnđ / day

The price for rent average 700.000 vnđ – 800.000 vnđ / week

The price for rent average from 1.500.000 vnđ / month

This is the average motorbike rental price I have surveyed. However, not all stores apply such high prices, you can contact and consult the rental prices in some shops beforehand and then consider which motorbike stores to rent a motorbike at reasonable prices. most suitable for you.

Remember, you should not rent a motorbike at a hotel or a homestay because they usually do not have a motorbike but they also place a motorbike from another place and then raise the price. And because they don’t specialize in non-professional incident support mode.

Prepare what you need to rent a motorbike in Tu Liem

About Tu Liem motorbike rental procedure, almost all facilities are the same, you do not need to prepare many papers. You just need to provide your personal information, ID card, ID card and a small amount of money to deposit, you can receive the car. However, due to the need to deposit money back, you should look for reputable quality stores so that you do not have to pay additional fees after paying the motorbike.

Some small notes when renting a motorbike in Tu Liem

As one of the newly developed districts, security in this area is quite complicated. So you should be careful and note not subjective when renting motorbike here.

motorbike rental tu liem
Motorbike Rental Tu Liem

Find stores with specific addresses, phone numbers that can be contacted regularly.

Stores must have specific motorbike rental contracts. Stay away from motorbike rental shops without an agreement between the two parties. The rental contract must be made in two copies, each party will keep one. On the contract, customers’ rights must be fully recorded and the store’s responsibility for the trouble of customers encountered during the use of the vehicle must be clearly stated.

It is not advisable to hire vehicles from China because it is only beautiful outside code but in terms of machinery and parts it is almost degraded and unsafe during travel.

If you rent a motorbike, you will be provided with free tools for safe transportation such as helmets, gasoline for a certain amount, rain coats as well as leashes for you to carry many luggage to Go travel.

Remember to check the motorbike thoroughly before renting for details such , horns, and other signals to ensure safety during traffic. Take a picture of the motorbike before you hire it to be the most comprehensive proof of the motorbike.

When you encounter an unusual problem, do not rush to repair your motorbike at the nearby car repair shops, but call the store asking for assistance or find the best solution.

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The Service Motorbike Rental Tu Liem With Good Quality

One of the most prestigious motorbike rental shops in Hanoi. Motorbike rental shop Mr-Good Bikes specializes in providing rental vehicles with good quality. Affordable prices are suitable for all students, the rental price is only 100,000 VND / day.

motorbike rental tu liem
Rental Motorbike Tu Liem

Vehicles at the store are always maintained and invested periodically every month or after each trip, so the quality is very guaranteed. The store always minimizes the problems that occur with customers. In order to bring the best service to everyone when coming to Hanoi.

Get the motorbike delivered to the place where the customer requires such as hotel, bus station throughout Hanoi. Deliver the car no more than 15 minutes. You can contact the store in advance to book a motorbike: +84343506996. The delivery fee does not exceed 30k. Free delivery for customers who need to rent motorbikes for 5 days or more.


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Mr-Good Bikes is a one of the most reputable motorbike rental Thanh Xuan store.

Motorbike Rental Thanh Xuan HaNoi good quality

The service motorbike rental Mr-Good Bikes always proud to be one of the places motorbike rental Thanh Xuan the prestigious and high quality. good price. Because the store’s policy always takes prestige as a core to develop.

motorbike rental thanh xuan
Motorbike Rental Thanh Xuan

The staff at the store are well-trained, experienced in the industry always dedicated to consulting as well as supporting customers in all cases and every time. In any case we can support customers within 15 minutes throughout Hanoi.

Free motorbike delivery throughout the city at the request of customers renting motorbike for 5 days or more.

Provide free necessary tool for customers to participate in safe traffic in Hanoi like helmet, gasoline,…

Motorbike rental prices are suitable for everyone of workers, including students only from 100,000 VND / day. Motorbike rental prices will be even cheaper if customers have a long-term demand.

motorbike rental thanh xuan
Rental motorbike Thanh Xuan

Please contact us immediately: +84343506996 to receive the motorbike as soon as you want to rent a motorbike in Thanh Xuan.

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Mr-Good Bikes Service Quality and Quality motorbike

With the motto put customer benefits above all. Mr-Good Bikes stores always focus on and quality of cars so that it is best to ensure the best and most satisfying trip for customers.

motorbike rental thanh xuan
The service quality is number one

All motorbikes at the store are maintained regularly every month or after each customer trip. Minimize failure errors during travel. So customers can be assured of the safety and quality of motorbikes at Mr-Good Bikes store.

Support for trouble customer 24/7. All incidents will be handled within 15 minutes in Hanoi. All incidents at the store will be fully responsible according to the motorbike rental contract that was made before the customer rented the motorbike.

The motorbike rental contract of the shop ensures customers’ benefits

All customers who come to rent a car at our stores whether they rent short or long term. Everyone will make a motorbike rental contract. The contract is printed as two copies, each party will keep one copy. In the contract will record the full time of the motorbike rental, the price, the papers left in the shop. At the same time, it also clearly states the store’s responsibilities to customers in the course of using the service. Therefore, Mr-Good Bikes motorbike rental Thanh Xuan shop always ensures customers’ benefits first. Create professionalism in the process of providing motorbike rental services throughout Hanoi. Help customers feel more secure in their trip

thuê xe máy thanh xuân hà nội
Make clear contract

Mr-Good Bikes : motorbike rental Thanh Xuan does not require a deposit.

Usually when you rent a motorbike at all motorbike rental shops in Hanoi, they require you to deposit a certain amount of money. But at Mr-Good Bikes store, you don’t need deposit. As long as customers provide all necessary personal information documents as required by the store such as identity card, passport, air ticket information. Procedures for contracting and delivering motorbikes to customers within 15 minutes ensure the most time savings for customers.

Don’t need deposit

The price motorbike rental Thanh Xuan

Semi-automatic :

+ The price from 100000 vnđ to 120000 vnđ / day
+ The price from 80000 vnđ to 120000 vnđ / day when rent from 5 days up
+ The price from 1000000 vnd to 1200000 vnđ / month


+ The price from 100000 vnđ to 150000 vnđ / day
+ The price from 90000 vnđ / day when rent from 5 days up
+ The price from 500.000 vnđ to 650000 vnđ / week
+ The price from 1100000 vnđ to 1500000 vnđ / month

Above are some models of motorbike rental prices in Thanh Xuan according to the current common ground that I have consulted.

The service delivery motorbike for customer require

For convenience and maximum time savings for customers, stores provide services to transport vehicles to the door and make on-site contracts for customers. This service will be charged if the customer has a short-term rental. The fee for each delivery is not more than 30k throughout Hanoi city. And customers will be completely free of charge for car delivery service when there is a need to rent a motorbike for 5 days or more or in a radius of 2 km from the store. Customers just need to contact the store in advance to book the car and inform the time and place of receiving the car as the store will be responsible for delivering the car to the customer at the required time and place.


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Long Bien is a district very close to the Old Quarter which is the only district located on the left bank of the Red River and one of the largest districts in Hanoi. Famous for the historic Long Bien bridge and the mudflats on the Red River dike. Therefore, it is one of the places that makes tourists feel most attracted in Hanoi. To be able to contribute to visitors’ Hanoi travel experience is more interesting. Motorbike rental Long Bien service is the place to prepare you for the best means of transportation in your trip.

The Service Motorbike Rental Long Bien Well Quality

Mr-Good Bikes motorbike rental service is trusted and loved by many people and is always proud to be one of the most reputable motorbike rental units in Hanoi. With operating time and long experience in the field of motorbike rental in Hanoi and motorbike rental in areas in Hanoi such as Long Bien and Hoan Kiem. Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Tay Ho, Old Town, Noi Bai Airport, …. Mr-Good Bikes store always satisfies every customer on every journey. With the of putting customers’ interests first, the goal is to help the store become more and more complete and developed.

motorbike rental long bien
Long Bien Bridge

The rental price at Mr-Good Bikes is very affordable, suitable for everyone including students. Price only from 100,000VND / day. And it can be cheaper if you want to rent a car for a long time.

The regime of support to consult and help customers wholeheartedly. Always work 24/7 so whenever you need help we can support you.

Deliver the car to the place for free at the request of everyone in Hanoi’s interior. Contact us in advance by this phone number +84343506996 to book a motorbike and notify the time of the car pick up location.

Average Price List Of Motorbike Rental Long Bien Shops In Hanoi

  • With semi-automatic

+ The price from 100.000 vnđ to 120.000 vnđ / day (24 hours)
+ Motorbike rental price 80.000 vnđ / day from 5 days or more
+ The price from 550.000 vnđ to 700.000 vnđ / week
+ The price from 1.000.000 vnđ to 1.200.000 vnđ / month
+ Motorbike rental price in Hanoi averages from 1,000,000 VND – 1,500,000 VNĐ / month depending on the type of motorbike and depending on the location of the motorbike rental.

  • With automatic

+ The price from 100.000 vnđ to 150.000 vnđ / day
+ The price from 550.000 vnđ to 800.000 vnđ / week
+ The price from 1.100.000 vnđ to 1.700.000 vnđ / month

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Tips for Remembering when Hire a Motorcycle in Long Bien:

thuê xe máy long biên
Tips to rent motorbike in Long Bien district
  • Find Long Bien motorbike rental shops with specific address, exact phone number 24/24
  • Motorbike rental must have a clear contract and the terms and prices of the motorbike rental must be fully specified.
  • Customers are provided with 2 free helmets, a certain amount of gasoline to move a certain road, and a cord .
  • The store must have customer support services when encountering a 24/7 .
  • When renting a motorbike, customers need to carefully check the vehicle for the signal lights, sirens and machinery. Carefully take a few photos of the motorbike to make sure the motorbike has small scratches or breaks on the plastic that is not mine.
  • When you have a problem on the road, please call the support side of the store for assistance. Do not arbitrarily bring to the repair shop to fix. Often the customer support party will come to your place to help you troubleshoot or change your car.

Some landscape in Long Bien district

Long Bien Bridge: Famous for its ancient beauty from the sunset afternoons or dawn morning on the Red River. It is also a beautiful place for young people to gather and slash the wind at night on 2 sidewalks

The mudflats at the foot of Long Bien Bridge: is a place reminiscent of childhood images in films about Hanoi. With banana-green fields, on the banks of the river were rows of grass mop up.

motorbike rental long bien
Motorbike rental long Bien

Long Bien Market: a market with numerous fruit and fruit items, food and drink. The market mainly meets at night.

motorbike rental long bien
Long Bien market

Famous restaurants at Long Bien Bridge: Like frog hotpot at Ngoc Thuy Street.

Near there, you can visit 36 Street city with all kinds of items on sale. Or go to Dong Xuan market.

Above are some useful information for you to explore Long Bien in the most honest way. Wish you have a meaningful trip.


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Hai Ba Trung is one of the 4 central districts of Hanoi where there are many universities, hospitals, and bus stations crowded. Therefore, the travel demand of people is quite high. To make it easier for people to come here to work and do not have transportation, we will point out a points motorbike rental Hai Ba Trung district.

The Service Motorbike Rental Hai Ba Trung

The service motorbike rental Mr-Good Bikes Always proud and because we is one of the most prestigious motorbike rental shops in Hanoi. Customer support consultancy is always pushed to the top, ready to serve customers 24/7. All vehicles at the store are regularly maintained, monthly or after each trip.

motorbike rental hai ba trung
Motorbike Rental Hai Ba Trung

Make contracts clearly specific to all customers. All contracts clearly state the rules and benefits of customers. As well as responsibility of store. Ensuring that the interests of customers are always top priority and there is no arising in the rental process.

Mr-Good Bikes It also provides deliver the motorbike for customer and do contracts right at the location required by the customer. Help customers save time. Just call to the hotline: +84343506996 to book a motorbike, the staff at the store will deliver the motorbike to the right address and time as required by the customer.

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Pocket Tips When Renting a Motorbike At Hai Ba Trung Hanoi

Because it is one of the central districts of Hanoi, there is a place with many major universities such as HaNoi University of science and technology , National Economics University, National university of Civil Engineering, … then major hospitals like Bach Mai, National Otorhinorarynology Hospital of Vietnam, Giap Bat station, Nuoc Ngam station … A series of large public facilities so the demand for travel is high so motorbike rental shops grow like mushrooms. So we would like to share a few tips to make it easier for you to motorbike rental Hai Ba Trung to avoid the dangers more easily.

motorbike rental hai ba trung
The tips rent motorbike

Motorbike rental price is not the all

In fact, the price motorbike rental Hai Ba Trung Hanoi are different. So you can refer to the rental price of motorbikes of shops through social networking sites. Or call a few shops to refer to motorbike rental prices and consider which stores have a reasonable rental price for you.

motorbike rental hai ba trung hanoi
The price is not all

For people with moderate or low incomes like students, car rental is very important. But don’t do that and rush to choose the cheapest motorbike rental units. Sometimes cheap comes with poor service quality. So please choose the store with high reputation, good support mode to use like that you can feel more secure in the process of travel.

Check vehicle carefully before renting a motorbike

They have the phrase “Good horses can go far away” and so are vehicles with good and quality, then you can rest easy without worrying about any problems. So when you rent a motorbike you need to check the car carefully before accepting it.

Stay away from Chinese motorbike rental shops. It will cause you lots of trouble during the travel process. Because Chinese motorbikes only look gorgeous, the internal machines are degraded very quickly and are not safe to use.

Check the siren signal, brake front brake to ensure they work normally. These signals are very important during travel in Hanoi. If you ride the motorbike, double check the rearview mirrors. It is very necessary and helpful for you on a long road.

rental motorbike hai ba trung
Check the bike careful

Check the engine. Turn on the engine for 1-2 minutes,see what is wrong with the machine? You can even drive try a few rounds to feel the quality of that motorbike.

Keep in mind that some pictures of motorbike parts should be taken before renting. In order to avoid pre-existing errors, when considering returning the motorbike at the store, they will say that is your fault. Like scratches or cracks, cracked plastic parts.

Careful A Little About Deposit Process

Some stores often ask their customers to deposit a very large amount of VND 3,000,000 – VND 5,000,000 depending on the type of vehicle you choose to rent. If you do not find a reputable unit, then you will not be assured to deposit back such money. Sometimes bring many inconveniences to car tenants. Because not everyone carries a large amount of money when coming to Hanoi. So look for motorbike rental shops in Hanoi where you don’t need to deposit. Mr-Good Bikes stores have been mitigating all the difficult issues in the contracting process. For customers to be assured, most convenient when renting a motorbike at a store. You do not need to deposit when you bring full personal information papers

Motorbike Rental Hai Ba Trung Must Have Clear Contract

When renting a motorbike in Hai Ba Trung, the shops will have to fully give you two contracts for each party to keep one copy. The contract must fully state the terms of customer rights and the store’s responsibility. The price of renting a motorbike as well as the documents left by the customer for the store must be specified in the contract. Regarding the contract, I advise you to read the contract carefully and not be subjective. Particularly away from motorbike rental shops without contracts. Or contract or agreement of verbal terms.

Trên đây là một số lưu ý mình muốn chia sẻ để các bạn có thể yên tâm thuê xe khi đến Hà Nội hay các quận trên địa bàn Hà Nội để thuê xe máy.


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My Dinh is one of the areas that are very developed today. A wide range of infrastructures as well as entertainment areas has been built and implemented. If you have the opportunity to work or travel in Hanoi by My Dinh bus station, you can easily find a motorbike to be used as a vehicle during your stay in Hanoi. Because at present, the service motorbike rental My Dinh has been developing day by day according to the travel needs of people in Hanoi.

Motorbike rental My Dinh Quality where

Come My Dinh, you will see a lot of motorbike rental shops right at bus stations and schools. But those places are very expensive. I used to be a student who rented a motorbike at the bus stop due to being subjective don’t ask about the price then i paid the owner to say 20k / 1 hour . Therefore, before renting a motorbike, please consult a few information about good rental locations, prestige and affordable to avoid rent motorbike with high price .

motorbike rental my dinh
Motorbike rental My Dinh

Here, I would like to introduce a prestigious and affordable motorbike rental My Dinh suitable for everyone including students.

The store motorbike rental Mr-Good Bikes is one of the most prestigious motorbike rental shops in Hanoi today. With professional staff, many years of business. They are enthusiastic people willing to advise 24/7 customer support. Along with the quality of the motorbike always improved and maintained periodically every month. Motorbike rental prices at the store are also very reasonable from only 80,000VND / day. Suitable for everyone. The procedure for renting a motorbike is also quick and simple without a deposit.

Within 5-10 minutes you will be able to receive the motorbike. Especially, the store also has free delivery service at the request of customers when renting motorbikes in the store (with customers renting for 5 days or more). So if you need to rent a motorbike in My Dinh please contact +84343506996 A-Z support advice.

In addition, the store also provides motorbike rental services in neighboring districts such as Cau Giay, Dong Da, Long Bien, Nam Tu Liem, Bac Tu Liem, Tay Ho, Thanh Xuan, Ha Dong, ….

Benefits of Motorbike Rental My Dinh

Leaving the car at My Dinh bus station is that you have the means to go without having difficulty finding waiting for a taxi or grab.

My Dinh is one of the quite large districts so to go from one famous place to another famous place, you need to prepare good transport to make the most convenient travel. To save travel time and save the economy, renting a motorbike will be the best solution for you. Especially now due to the need to travel more and more, congestion often occurs so having a motorbike to travel will help you more freely and more proactively.

motorbike rental my dinh
Kengnam 72 floor

Free to go to the entertainment and eating places here such as My Dinh Stadium, the tallest second-largest building in Southeast Asia Kengnam. Especially the occasion of My Dinh stadium organizing football matches, you will be immersed in the jubilant atmosphere along the streets covered in a red color with the colors of the fans. Or enjoy street food at grilled hot pot stalls along Le Duc Tho Street.

In My Dinh, you can also find luxury hotels, motels or homestays at affordable prices. Very suitable for those who want to stay in Hanoi for a few days.

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Notes on Renting a Motorbike in My Dinh Hanoi

Finding a store must be prestigious, the store address must be specific, all information about the store must be fully published.

Motorbike rental shops must have decent decent contracts, must have all the terms, information, clear prices and be made into two copies each party keeps one copy.

Renting a motorbike must provide free tools for customers to participate in traffic in accordance with the traffic law.

motorbike rental my dinh
Be careful when drive in HaNoi

When receiving a vehicle, it is necessary to check carefully the quality of the car and all the siren signals, asking for everything to work properly and be eligible for traffic. Take photos of the car’s detailed parts. To avoid controversy about the problem of scratching or breaking some details when returning the car at the store offered.

Ask carefully about the issue of customer support when having problems on the road. What responsibility belongs to the car lessor and which responsibility belongs to the motorbike tenant.

Above is also a number of notes to help you choose the best cars for you in the trip at My Dinh Hanoi. Wish you have happy days in Hanoi.


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The service Motorbike rental Minh Khai of Mr-Good Bikes specializes in providing motorcycles with diversified models. Good quality, nice design. Hanoi’s cheapest price is only 100,000 VND, suitable for all everyone, especially for students.

The Service motorbike rental Minh Khai district well quality.

Mr-Good Bikes As one of the most prestigious motorbike rental shops in Hanoi. Our store always put the interests of customers first to give customers a good service with quality motorbikes guaranteed.

motorbike rental minh khai
motorbike rental minh khai

24/7 customer support. With a staff of many years of experience in the field of motorbike rental plus enthusiastic working attitude, we are always ready to solve all problems in the fastest time possible. Ensure all customer rights in the best way.

Free motorbike delivery at customer’s request. You just need to contact in advance to book your car via the hotline: +84343506996 inform the store about the time and place to receive the motorbike. Staff at the store will be responsible for delivering the motorbike to the right place at the right time for the customer. Helping people save travel time.

Motorbike Rental Minh Khai district no deposit

Normally when you rent a motorbike at any location in Minh Khai and Hanoi, you must deposit a large amount of money from 2 million to 5 million depending on the types of vehicles you want to rent. This amount sometimes affects a lot of people with low income or those who don’t carry too much money during travel. Understand the difficult of this problem. Mr-Good Bikes store has overcome and created conditions for customers not to deposit when renting motorcycles at the store.

motorbike rental minh khai
Motorbike rental Minh Khai no deposit

You just need to bring all the personal information to the store, you can rent a motorbike. All paperwork is easy and convenient within 10 – 15 minutes so you can receive the motorbike.

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The procedure for motorbike rental contracts is clearly transparent.

To Minh Khai, you can easily find motorbike rental shops. However, you should note that when renting a motorbike, you need to pay attention to the rental contract of motorbike at the store. The contract should be made clear in detail so that both parties are satisfied.

Items of motorbike rental prices and documents must also be clearly stated in the contract.

Absolutely stay away from motorbike rental shops without contracts. This is to ensure your rights in the rental process. If something happens, you can get the contract to compare it.

Benefits of renting motorbike

Renting a motorbike in Minh Khai or Hanoi will bring you many benefits when traveling. Because traffic in Hanoi is quite complicated, frequent traffic jams occur during rush hours.

motorbike rental minh khai
Save money and times
  • Help you take the initiative in every job, travel when you have a motorbike
  • No worries about traffic jams
  • Save time traveling
  • Saving a lot more money than when using means like taxi or grab
  • Save time when you don’t have to wait for public transport like buses. Avoid loss of cables, pickpockets at public bus stops. Avoid hustle to get on the motorbike during rush hours
  • Freedom to travel to discover the nooks and crannies of Hanoi.

There are many other benefits that you can see when you come to Hanoi and rent a motorbike as a vehicle. Everything will become easier and more convenient when there is a motorbike next to you.

Good Luck!!!!!


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Coming to Hanoi, surely one of us also aspires to discover all 36 streets, go through small lanes of small streets, see firsthand the ancient houses designed in ancient Hanoi architecture. If you can enjoy all the emotions, motorbike rental Hoan Kiem will help you have a vehicle in your travel.

motorbike rental Hoan Kiem
Tràng Tiền plaza

The Service Motorbike Rental Hoan Kiem Well Quality

Whether you rent a motorbike anywhere in Hanoi, you need to prepare documents and some money to make a rental contract and pay a deposit to the store. This amount is sure you will be refunded after you return the motorbike for the store.

motorbike rental Hoan Kiem
Travel around HaNoi

Currently, according to the common ground at all motorbike rental Hoan Kiem store and Hanoi, stores require customers to deposit money from 1 million VND to 4 million VND depending on the type of vehicle you want to rent. So this sometimes causes difficulties for low-income people like students. If the deposit is not enough to go out. Especially renting cars in areas in the Old Town or the center of Hanoi capital.

However, you can also find some motorbike rental Hoan Kiem district shop without deposit. Proud to be one of the most reputable and quality motorbike rental shops in Hanoi today. Mr-Good Bikes motorbike rental shop specializing in motorbike rental Hoan Kiem District in Hanoi does not need to deposit.

You just need to prepare identification, complete personal information to be able to do a rental contract. Motorbike rental contracts are always full of all the benefits of customers coming to rent a motorbike as well as the store’s responsibility in supporting customers. Create a peace of mind for motorbike rental customers. The store also supports free delivery to customers for car rental needs from 5 days or more.

Just contact in advance to book the motorbike with the store side by phone number: 0343506996. Customers can freely choose the motorbike as required with the average rent from 80,000VND – 120,000VND / day. Provide all necessary tools for free so you can participate in safe traffic. Motorbike rental Hoan Kiem – Mr Good Bikes called yes

The Experience Renting Motorbike Hoan Kiem

In VietNam We have the phrase “Hanoi Can Not Be Hurry.” It is so true to come to Hanoi whether you buy or sell or do something you need to observe and consider before you do. If not, you will be easily cheated. When renting a motorbike in Hoan Kiem, you should carefully check all information before renting a motorbike. Because not all motorbike rental facilities are good and reputable facilities. I would like to share with you some experiences so that you can feel secure when renting a motorbike in Hoan Kiem Hanoi.

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Contact first to check the price from some motorbike rental Hoan Kiem store

You can choose from a number of facilities to refer to motorbike rental rates and incentives to assist customers in the number of vehicles used. If you rent a motorbike for a long term, you can negotiate the price.

motorbike rental Hoan Kiem
Check the price before rent motorbike

Read the contract carefully:

Read the contract carefully and review the terms, benefits and responsibilities of the store to see if it is reasonable. All must be clearly stated in the contract cannot be verbal. Stay away from Hanoi motorbike rental shops without contracts. Or the lease of motorbikes is unclear. The price to rent a motorbike must be agreed by both parties and clearly recorded on the contract.

hợp đồng thuê xe máy hà nội cầu giấy
The clear contract

Careful inspection of vehicle quality

Careful inspection of vehicle quality: Stay away from Chinese vehicles with only the outside model and the quality of the machines is very poor.

When accepting a motorbike, be careful to check the brake parts before the rear brake, signaling the horn to see if everything is working properly. When you participation to traffic in Hanoi, these things are very necessary.

Check motorbike before rent

You can even turn on the motorbike for 1-2 minutes to hear the sound of the machine to see if anything is abnormal. You can drive for a few rounds to feel the vehicles ruggedness.

Before taking the motorbike, be sure to take some pictures of the car in detail as possible. or cracks in the plastic part of the vehicle to avoid a dispute between the two parties after returning the vehicle.

Unfortunately, in the process of using the motorbike with any problems with the motorbike, do not rush to bring to the repair shop, but please calmly call the support of motorbike rental shop to inform with them about the status of the motorbike. Then they will show you how to handle the problem or let the store staff come to the place to handle that trouble for you.

Above are some of my experiences through renting motorbikes in many places when traveling with brothers. Hope you get the best cars in your trip. Good luck.


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Motorbike rental Cau Giay Hanoi is one of the services that are growing very strong today. Cau Giay is one of the places considered the center of Hanoi. There are many schools, places for entertainment and eating. Also a place with quite complicated traffic conditions and high traffic congestion. Therefore, renting motorbikes and traveling on roads is an ideal form for people to visit Hanoi instead of spending hours waiting for public transport or paying a lot of money. to move by means like taxi, grabike without freedom active in every way. Especially when there is a motorbike you can freely explore Hanoi or enjoy famous dishes in the corners of Hanoi streets. Mr-Good Bikes motorbike rental shop is one of the best and most reputable motorbike rental Cau Giay HaNoi locations.

Caution when renting motorbikes in Cau Giay Hanoi

Cau Giay is one of the most developed areas in all aspects. Therefore motorbike rental service here also grows a lot. the large number, there are always potential problems. Due to the large number of shops, they often compete with each other by the price but forget about serving customers by the quality and reputation of the service.

motorbike rental cau giay
Cau Giay park

So when renting a motorbike at CauGiay, do not rent cheap, but ignore important factors when renting a motorbike in Hanoi. When you come to Hanoi, you can easily find a lot of Hanoi motorbike rental shops or motorbike rental Cau Giay. Especially in the city center, near the bus stations, hospitals, schools, … Motorbike rental prices depend on the type of motorbike, service quality and the time you want to rent a motorbike.

In order to save, many people have a habit of finding and choosing cheap motorbike rental locations without having a good understanding of the service quality of motorbike rental shops. In Hanoi, there are many cheap motorbike rental points with old, poor quality and support services that are not enthusiastic.

Therefore, when choosing cheap motorbike rental services, people can save a small amount but encounter a lot of trouble in using the motorbike.

Before you rent a motorbike, you need to ask clearly and negotiate in advance about the price when renting a motorbike. And you can negotiate if there is a need for a long term lease. In order to avoid some cases the store post on the net at a price when renting a price difference. This will take time away from the customer and disrupt the customer from the first step.

If you want to find motorbike rental Cau Giay store and rent , what do you need to prepare?

In general, when renting a motorbike in all areas in Hanoi or rental motorbike Cau Giay, all shops require you to re-order your identity card (ID card) or passport or driving license. plus some deposit. If you go to Hanoi with a group of people, you can send a friend to leave the necessary documents. So it will be very convenient for you in the process of going far needing identification.

Regarding the deposit method, it is only the trust between the both parties, so it is clearly stated in the agreement between both parties. And the paper work as well as the cash deposit must be repaid in full when the customer returns the car.

What should you do when you receive motorbike?

When you receive the motorbike, you need to check the motorbike parts carefully such as handbrake, foot brake, ask for the light, headlight and horn to see if everything works normally. To avoid encountering risks when participating in traffic in Hanoi. Especially if you go away, you should ask the store to prepare good motorbike that have just changed the oil. To ensure you have a motorbike in the best condition for a trip away. And don’t hesitate to get in the motorbike and try a few rounds to feel the motorbikes engine to see how it is. After checking everything is stable, you can take a picture of the motorbike for some proof.

motorbike rental in cau giay
Check motorbike before rent

You should avoid the Chinese motorbike rental shops. Only the beauty of the external form and the quality are degraded and too bad engine. Please choose the popular and durable motorbikes like Honda and Yamaha which are popular and durable cars for your trip.

Never forget to read the contract carefully and keep a copy.

One thing that is essential when renting a motorbike is to have a specific contract. The contract must clearly state what the customer rights are and what the store’s responsibilities are. Normally, motorbike lease contracts are clearly stated in terms such as the date of rent payment, license plate number, types of documents and deposit amount at the store, price and forms of customer support when encountered an unusual incident. At the same time to ensure there will be no additional costs incurred after paying and returning the car to the store. And don’t forget an important part of it is to check and keep a copy of the vehicle registration license in case you are vulnerable to traffic police requests in the motorbike trips.

motorbike for rent in cau giay
Keep the contract

When renting a motorbike, remember that the store will have to provide you with 2 standard helmets to join the traffic. Gasoline is enough for you to travel about 10 km.

Should avoid motorbike rental shops without a contract or motorbike rental contract not clear terms. Information is vague, to avoid unnecessary troubles when coming to Hanoi.

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Mr-Good Bikes is one of the most prestigious motorbike rental Cau Giay – Hanoi today. With good service quality, 24/7 customer support along with the car fleet are always invested and maintained periodically every month or after each long trip. To ensure all vehicles are in the best condition when delivered to customers.

thuê xe máy cầu giấy hà nội mr good bikes
The service motorbike for rent in Cau Giay

The process of making procedures is quick and simple, no deposit is required for tourists. Complete the contract in just 5 minutes, customers can receive the car. Free car delivery to take place for customers who need car rental from 5 days or more. Help save travel time for customers.

Contract clearly full details of terms. All vehicles are fully legal documents.


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Ba Dinh is one of the districts in downtown Hanoi. It is a place where many important agencies are concentrated in the Vietnamese state apparatus as well as in Hanoi. Not only that Ba Dinh is also a district with many famous landmarks attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit every year. Therefore, the number of tourists coming to work and travel is increasing. And to create convenience in everyone’s travel process, the motorbike rental Ba Dinh Hanoi service is one of the highly developed services today.


When coming to Ba Dinh Hanoi, you will surely consider the means to travel during your time in Hanoi. Because when using the means like taxi, grab will be very expensive and not actively free to explore the beautiful scenes of Hanoi. If you use public transport such as buses, you will have to spend a lot of time waiting and moving. Especially in the time of Hanoi traffic jams.

motorbike rental ba dinh
Ba Dinh Square

Therefore, renting a motorbike in Ba Dinh will be the most effective solution for everyone. Save time on traveling, save money and move freely to your liking.

It’s easy to rent a motorbike when you come to Hanoi in general and Ba Dinh in particular. You can search on google will a series of motorbike rental Ba Dinh shop facilities. You just need to select a facility and contact to book a motorbike, an agreement on motorbike rental prices. You can ask the motorbike lessor to deliver the motorbike and make the contract at your request at a cheap fee of less than 30k.

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What Should you Prepare When you Rent a motorbike in Ba Dinh?

Currently, motorbike rental establishments in Hanoi want to minimize motorbike rental procedures so that customers can receive motorbikes and complete procedures as quickly as possible. So you do not need to prepare too many things to rent a motorbike.

For domestic customers, you need to prepare all personal information documents such as ID card or passport and driver’s license along with some money to deposit back to the stores. .

For customers from abroad: you need to prepare a passport (ID card).

For the convenience of customers as well as motorbike rental shops, you need to prepare all required documents of the store.

Remember to Check Vehicles Before Renting?

When you come to rent a motorbike, you need to check the vehicle carefully before accepting the motorbike. Because a small neglect can also cause problems for you in the process of using a vehicle. First, take a quick look at the overall vehicle to see if everything looks good. Then you need to turn on all the functions you want, the front lights, horns, buttons to see if they still work well. Check the brake in front of the brakes after seeing whether the two brakes are still sensitive. Be more careful, you can turn on the engine and hear the engine to see if the motorbike is probably not dead in the middle. Necessary can go try a few rounds on that motorbike for peace of mind. If there are unusual signs, ask the store to change the other motorbike too.

rental motorbike in Ba Dinh
Insurance motorbike every month

Stay out some this motorbike rental Ba Dinh store if don’t you will have a trouble

Motorbike rental must have a clear contract of terms between the two parties. If the store does not have a specific contract or doesn’t contract of motorbike rental, it is best to switch to another store.

Prices must be specifically agreed upon by your motorbike rental schedule and clearly stated in the contract.

motorbike for rent in Ba Dinh
Avoid the shop with unclear contract

The store’s responsibility to customers must be clearly stated. Ensuring a best safe service for customers.

Avoid shops with poor vehicle quality, use beautiful vehicles, but the quality of machinery is seriously degraded.

Should not be rented motorbike at stores that do not have customer support services in case of trouble. Because in the process of using the motorbike you will not know in advance what unexpected incidents may occur. Moreover, because you are not local people, you will not know how to handle them for the most reasonable and fastest.

Avoid stores that have a motorbike rental address that are not specific, who will lose their time to the place where they cannot find, call and contact, no one will listen.

Where will Go when to Ba Dinh?

Famous for many tourist attractions, famous landmarks such as:

motorbike for rent in Ba Dinh
One Pillar Pagoda
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: A destination that everyone wants to visit every occasion to Hanoi. Visiting Uncle Ho to commemorate the leader and father of the Vietnamese nation
  • Ba Dinh Square: Attending the flag-raising ceremony, lowering flags every week early and late in the weekend to see the national pride in each of us the children of the Vietnamese nation
  • One Pillar Pagoda: Lotus-shaped temple with ancient design. Is one of the most sacred temples in Hanoi.
  • Ho Chi Minh Museum: a place to store a lot of Uncle’s supplies and utensils.
  • Hanoi flagpole
  • Thang Long Citadel: is a place that many young people love to check in. Especially in the weak year, Thang Long Royal Citadel glared at the entrance and exit. The place to keep the most ancient features of the ancient feudal lord
  • Phan Dinh Phung Street: Hanoi’s most beautiful street shaded with trees. Along with the national assembly houses built during the French colonial period. Nostalgic traits about Hanoi, a time when bombs may have been stored on this road. Because of that, people often come here to save the best pictures especially in the fall of August when the fall leaves cover the road of an endless yellow.
motorbike rental ba dinh
Phan Dinh Phung street

Để đi tham quan được hết tất cả các cảnh đẹp trên địa bàn này thì thuê xe máy tại Ba Đình sẽ là một lựa chọn tốt nhất cho mọi người khi đến du lịch cũng như làm việc tại đây.

The service motorbike rental Ba Dinh well quality, most reputation

Mr-Good Bikes

The store motorbike rental HaNoi Mr-Good Bikes always proud to be one of the most prestigious motorbike rental units in Hanoi. With a staff of many years of experience in the profession. Ready to support enthusiastic customer advice anytime, anywhere. With the motorbike always being invested to renew and maintain periodically according to the regulations of the store and after each trip away. Mr-Good Bikes always ensures that the motorbike delivered to the customers are the best motorbike. Minimize incidents that may occur on the road. Free delivery of vehicles as required by customers with customers who need to rent motorbike for 5 days or more. Fully equipped with necessary items for customers to be safe when participating in traffic in Hanoi.

Chúc các bạn có một chuyến công tác, du lịch Hà Nội như ý.