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The store motorbike for rent in hanoi Mr-Good Bikes specialized in supplying motorbike rental in Hanoi. With professional staff with many years of experience in the field of motorbike rental. Warmly advise customer support in all situations, 24/7 service.

Procedures for renting motorbikes are very fast, simple and do not take much time from customers. Our store takes delivery of the motorbike to where you request and makes the contract always at the customer’s location. All types of vehicles always make new investments and maintenance every month and after every good trip. We are always proud to be one of the prestigious motorbike rental locations in Hanoi , quality.

Motorbike rental hanoi Mr-Good Bikes always focus on investing in high quality new vehicles, suitable for both men and women, going to the city and suburbs. All vehicles at the store can be used to travel and travel far away.

The price for rent motorbike in hanoi at Mr-Good Bikes’s store very cheap for both students and employees: the average rental price from 50k (if rented long) and motorbike rental price per day is only 100k / day. Receive motorbike delivery within 15 minutes of Hanoi inner city (free of charge when you need to rent a car for 5 days or more).

Each motorbike is equipped with 2 free helmets, raincoats, and gasoline for a minimum distance of 15km, and necessary equipment (if required by the customer).

Especially in the travel process, if you encounter any problems about the vehicle, we always have a 24/24 support department that will come to the place and handle and fix any problems that you don’t have to pay any more. any other surcharge.

The store for rent motorbike in hanoi Mr.Good Bikes Our location is located in West Lake in a very convenient location for you to come and choose a motorbike and then move to famous places of Hanoi such as Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Tran Quoc Pagoda,Nhat Tan Garden peach., … and locations in the center of the capital. Our store is located on the street from Noi Bai airport to the center of Hanoi so it is very convenient for you to rent a motorbike after finishing your flight in Noi Bai (you can catch the bus 90 to through the store costs 7k / turn.

or more information, please contact us, 24/24 customer support time (+84343506996).

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No Deposit

Customers do not have to deposit any money for motorbike rental if they have all the required documents specified in the company’s policy.

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Fast Procedure

The process of processing motorbike rental documents is quick, the time from completing procedures to delivering cars is less than 5 minutes

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Delivery Service Motorbike To For Customer’s place

We provide car delivery service to you with a low fee. The delivery cost will be calculated according to the place of delivery of the passenger car and the fee will not exceed 40k each time.

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