Motorbike rental Cau Giay Hanoi is one of the services that are growing very strong today. Cau Giay is one of the places considered the center of Hanoi. There are many schools, places for entertainment and eating. Also a place with quite complicated traffic conditions and high traffic congestion. Therefore, renting motorbikes and traveling on roads is an ideal form for people to visit Hanoi instead of spending hours waiting for public transport or paying a lot of money. to move by means like taxi, grabike without freedom active in every way. Especially when there is a motorbike you can freely explore Hanoi or enjoy famous dishes in the corners of Hanoi streets. Mr-Good Bikes motorbike rental shop is one of the best and most reputable motorbike rental Cau Giay HaNoi locations.

Caution when renting motorbikes in Cau Giay Hanoi

Cau Giay is one of the most developed areas in all aspects. Therefore motorbike rental service here also grows a lot. the large number, there are always potential problems. Due to the large number of shops, they often compete with each other by the price but forget about serving customers by the quality and reputation of the service.

motorbike rental cau giay
Cau Giay park

So when renting a motorbike at CauGiay, do not rent cheap, but ignore important factors when renting a motorbike in Hanoi. When you come to Hanoi, you can easily find a lot of Hanoi motorbike rental shops or motorbike rental Cau Giay. Especially in the city center, near the bus stations, hospitals, schools, … Motorbike rental prices depend on the type of motorbike, service quality and the time you want to rent a motorbike.

In order to save, many people have a habit of finding and choosing cheap motorbike rental locations without having a good understanding of the service quality of motorbike rental shops. In Hanoi, there are many cheap motorbike rental points with old, poor quality and support services that are not enthusiastic.

Therefore, when choosing cheap motorbike rental services, people can save a small amount but encounter a lot of trouble in using the motorbike.

Before you rent a motorbike, you need to ask clearly and negotiate in advance about the price when renting a motorbike. And you can negotiate if there is a need for a long term lease. In order to avoid some cases the store post on the net at a price when renting a price difference. This will take time away from the customer and disrupt the customer from the first step.

If you want to find motorbike rental Cau Giay store and rent , what do you need to prepare?

In general, when renting a motorbike in all areas in Hanoi or rental motorbike Cau Giay, all shops require you to re-order your identity card (ID card) or passport or driving license. plus some deposit. If you go to Hanoi with a group of people, you can send a friend to leave the necessary documents. So it will be very convenient for you in the process of going far needing identification.

Regarding the deposit method, it is only the trust between the both parties, so it is clearly stated in the agreement between both parties. And the paper work as well as the cash deposit must be repaid in full when the customer returns the car.

What should you do when you receive motorbike?

When you receive the motorbike, you need to check the motorbike parts carefully such as handbrake, foot brake, ask for the light, headlight and horn to see if everything works normally. To avoid encountering risks when participating in traffic in Hanoi. Especially if you go away, you should ask the store to prepare good motorbike that have just changed the oil. To ensure you have a motorbike in the best condition for a trip away. And don’t hesitate to get in the motorbike and try a few rounds to feel the motorbikes engine to see how it is. After checking everything is stable, you can take a picture of the motorbike for some proof.

motorbike rental in cau giay
Check motorbike before rent

You should avoid the Chinese motorbike rental shops. Only the beauty of the external form and the quality are degraded and too bad engine. Please choose the popular and durable motorbikes like Honda and Yamaha which are popular and durable cars for your trip.

Never forget to read the contract carefully and keep a copy.

One thing that is essential when renting a motorbike is to have a specific contract. The contract must clearly state what the customer rights are and what the store’s responsibilities are. Normally, motorbike lease contracts are clearly stated in terms such as the date of rent payment, license plate number, types of documents and deposit amount at the store, price and forms of customer support when encountered an unusual incident. At the same time to ensure there will be no additional costs incurred after paying and returning the car to the store. And don’t forget an important part of it is to check and keep a copy of the vehicle registration license in case you are vulnerable to traffic police requests in the motorbike trips.

motorbike for rent in cau giay
Keep the contract

When renting a motorbike, remember that the store will have to provide you with 2 standard helmets to join the traffic. Gasoline is enough for you to travel about 10 km.

Should avoid motorbike rental shops without a contract or motorbike rental contract not clear terms. Information is vague, to avoid unnecessary troubles when coming to Hanoi.

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Mr-Good Bikes is one of the most prestigious motorbike rental Cau Giay – Hanoi today. With good service quality, 24/7 customer support along with the car fleet are always invested and maintained periodically every month or after each long trip. To ensure all vehicles are in the best condition when delivered to customers.

thuê xe máy cầu giấy hà nội mr good bikes
The service motorbike for rent in Cau Giay

The process of making procedures is quick and simple, no deposit is required for tourists. Complete the contract in just 5 minutes, customers can receive the car. Free car delivery to take place for customers who need car rental from 5 days or more. Help save travel time for customers.

Contract clearly full details of terms. All vehicles are fully legal documents.


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