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Are you planning to travel to Hanoi? You are not sure what vehicle to use to travel during your time in Hanoi? This is probably one of the troubles of many people when coming to Hanoi. Now you will not have to worry too much because the service motorbike rental Doi Can Hanoi will help you get the motorbike to hover around Hanoi.

Motorbike Rental Doi Can Mr-Good Bikes Service

Motorbike rental Doi Can Mr-Good Bikes specializes in providing motorbike rental to serve the travel needs of everyone. Quality motorbikes are always maintained monthly. The shop always brings customers the motorbikes in the best condition. With a team of experienced enthusiastic staff is always ready to serve customers 24/7.

Doi Can Street

Especially, the store always has policies to maximize the protection of customers during the motorbike rental process. All customer benefits are printed in the rental agreement between the two parties.

Motorbike Rental Doi Can street No Deposit

Every time renting a motorbike in Hanoi or anywhere, people worry about procedures and deposits when renting a motorbike. Motorbike rental HaNoi shop Mr-Good Bikes always minimizes any complicated procedures. Help customers get the motorbike as quickly as possible when renting a motorbike. Renting a motorbike in just 10 minutes is extremely simple and easy.

No Deposit

To make the process of renting a motorbike quickly, you need to bring identification documents and personal information. For domestic customers you need an ID card or passport and a driver’s license. For customers from abroad you need a passport to rent a motorbike.

Motorbike Rental In Doi Can Must Have Clear Contract

When renting a motorbike there are many people who often hurry quickly sometimes forget the motorbike rental contract. The rental contract is a binding contract between the two parties. It outlines the responsibility of the store to the customer. And also what ensures the interests of motorbike rental customers in the best way. Therefore, when renting a motorbike in Hanoi or elsewhere, you should pay attention and read the contract carefully.

A motorbike hire contract must contain all of the following elements:

  • Name and address of the motorbike rental facility and necessary contact information.
  • The rental price must be clearly stated on each contract.
  • Responsibility of the store in situations where customers encounter problems during the rental process.
  • Benefits customers enjoy when renting a motorbike at the store.
  • Items included when renting a motorbike at the store. Like rain coat, helmets.
  • Customer’s responsibility in preserving the vehicle and the store’s supplies during the motorbike rental process.
  • These are some of the minimum requirements a motorbike rental contract must contain in the contract rental motorbike.

The Service Delivery Motorbike Follow Customers Required

For convenience, customers do not have to spend a lot of time going to the store to rent a motorbike. Our store currently provides delivery services according to customer requirements. To facilitate the delivery and receipt of vehicles easily. Please contact the hotline of the store 0343506996 to reserve a motorbike. Or customers can book a motorbike through the website and fanpage. You only need to leave information on the time and place to receive the motorbike. The store will receive information and deliver the motorbike to you.

Delivery Motorbike

One outstanding feature of our shop is that you can return the motorbike flexibly on time. Our store does not restrict return motorbike according to a special time frame. That is very convenient for customers when not having to worry about rushing back to return the motorbike in time. You only need to inform us 1 hour in advance of the return time. Staff at the store will receive the schedule and to pick up the vehicle on request.

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