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Dong Da Hanoi is one of the four central districts of Hanoi capital. One district has the fastest development rate in Hanoi. The gathering place of the university. Along with the dense population and increasing incessantly. In order to create more favorable conditions to meet the travel needs of the low-income classes, the service cheap motorbike rental Dong Da Hanoi have also developed recently.

Motorbike Rental Dong Da Service With Cheap and Quality Prestige

Going into service rental motorbike Dong Da to create conditions for low-income people wishing to travel a lot by motorbike. The Dong Da motorbike rental shops have been and are going into the service everybody . Motorbike rental is only from VND 100,000 / day. It will be much cheaper when customers want to rent a motorbike for a long time. You can completely negotiate if you are a regular renting motorbike and rent a motorbike for a long time as per month.

motorbike rental dong da
Motorbike Rental Dong Da

The quality of rental motorbike is always guaranteed by the shops in accordance with the provisions of the contract and the maintenance policies of the store. In the process of using the bike you feel unsatisfied. You can completely exchange for another bike to suit your needs.

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Vehicle Maintenance and Care Regime of The Shops

To ensure the safety for customers and the durability of the motorbikes. All motorbike rental Dong Da shops have maintenance policies for repairing all the shop’s motorbikes according to a certain schedule.

On the outside, all motorbikes are washed and polished before delivery motorbike for customer. This will ensure the durability of the vehicle as well as prevent oxidation of the vehicle’s components. Create clean luxury feeling for customers.

motorbike rental dong da
Maintenance Each Month

Signal lights for horns and turn signals are checked and replaced at any time if they feel that they have technical problems. Ensure customers the safest when participating in traffic.

As for machinery, all oil machine changes are periodically carried out from 1,500 km – 2,000 km. To ensure the engine’s durability. For wheel oil of scooter will be replaced after 6 months of use. Cooling water is also replaced at the prescribed time. To ensure the engine is always in the best condition to serve customers.

The Shop Motorbike Rental Dong Da Don’t Need Deposit

Don’t Need Deposit

Most motorbike rental Dong Da shops or motorbike rental Hanoi require customers to deposit a relative amount of money to rent a motorbike. That sometimes brings difficulties to the students. For Mr-Good Bikes motorcycle rental shop, you do not need to pay a deposit when renting a motorbike. As long as you provide sufficient personal information and the identity card according to the regulations of the store, you can rent a motorbike. All motorbike rental procedures as a contract take place as quickly as possible to ensure the most time-saving for customers.

When Renting a Motorbike, There Must Be a Clear Contract between The Two Parties

When renting a motorbike in Dong Da or renting a motorbike in Hanoi. You should pay attention to the motorbike rental contract of the store. So all the problems occur in the process of renting a motorbike. We refer to the contract to ensure the interests of both parties.

motorbike rental hai ba trung
The Contract

The contract will have two copies for each party to keep one copy. Each contract must contain full information as well as the responsibilities and rights of each party on issues arising during the use of the service.

All information such as price or deposit documents must be clearly specified and confirmed by both parties.

Avoid all motorbike rental shops without contracts or contracts that are not specific . Sometimes many shops only have contracts and the terms of oral agreement the then best that you should avoid to not have to bring trouble into you.

Motorbike Rental Service, Delivery and Recieve Motorbike Delivery Upon Request

motorbike rental with cheap price
Motorbike Rental HaNoi Mr.Good Bikes

When renting a motorbike at the Mr-Good Bikes store, you are also supported to take delivery of the motorbike on demand at the bus station hotel, … To save time for customers and shops you can contact Advance booking system to rent a motorbike at the hotline: +84343506996 to notify the store about the time and location you want to receive the motorbike. The store will receive and deliver the vehicle to the place on time that the customer requests. In particular, customers will be free car delivery service when renting a motorbike at the store from 5 days or more.

Address : Alley 149 – Trích Sài street – HaNoi
No 10 – Alley 378/65/43 – Thụy Khuê street – HaNoi

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