Hai Ba Trung is one of the 4 central districts of Hanoi where there are many universities, hospitals, and bus stations crowded. Therefore, the travel demand of people is quite high. To make it easier for people to come here to work and do not have transportation, we will point out a points motorbike rental Hai Ba Trung district.

The Service Motorbike Rental Hai Ba Trung

The service motorbike rental Mr-Good Bikes Always proud and because we is one of the most prestigious motorbike rental shops in Hanoi. Customer support consultancy is always pushed to the top, ready to serve customers 24/7. All vehicles at the store are regularly maintained, monthly or after each trip.

motorbike rental hai ba trung
Motorbike Rental Hai Ba Trung

Make contracts clearly specific to all customers. All contracts clearly state the rules and benefits of customers. As well as responsibility of store. Ensuring that the interests of customers are always top priority and there is no arising in the rental process.

Mr-Good Bikes It also provides deliver the motorbike for customer and do contracts right at the location required by the customer. Help customers save time. Just call to the hotline: +84343506996 to book a motorbike, the staff at the store will deliver the motorbike to the right address and time as required by the customer.

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Pocket Tips When Renting a Motorbike At Hai Ba Trung Hanoi

Because it is one of the central districts of Hanoi, there is a place with many major universities such as HaNoi University of science and technology , National Economics University, National university of Civil Engineering, … then major hospitals like Bach Mai, National Otorhinorarynology Hospital of Vietnam, Giap Bat station, Nuoc Ngam station … A series of large public facilities so the demand for travel is high so motorbike rental shops grow like mushrooms. So we would like to share a few tips to make it easier for you to motorbike rental Hai Ba Trung to avoid the dangers more easily.

motorbike rental hai ba trung
The tips rent motorbike

Motorbike rental price is not the all

In fact, the price motorbike rental Hai Ba Trung Hanoi are different. So you can refer to the rental price of motorbikes of shops through social networking sites. Or call a few shops to refer to motorbike rental prices and consider which stores have a reasonable rental price for you.

motorbike rental hai ba trung hanoi
The price is not all

For people with moderate or low incomes like students, car rental is very important. But don’t do that and rush to choose the cheapest motorbike rental units. Sometimes cheap comes with poor service quality. So please choose the store with high reputation, good support mode to use like that you can feel more secure in the process of travel.

Check vehicle carefully before renting a motorbike

They have the phrase “Good horses can go far away” and so are vehicles with good and quality, then you can rest easy without worrying about any problems. So when you rent a motorbike you need to check the car carefully before accepting it.

Stay away from Chinese motorbike rental shops. It will cause you lots of trouble during the travel process. Because Chinese motorbikes only look gorgeous, the internal machines are degraded very quickly and are not safe to use.

Check the siren signal, brake front brake to ensure they work normally. These signals are very important during travel in Hanoi. If you ride the motorbike, double check the rearview mirrors. It is very necessary and helpful for you on a long road.

rental motorbike hai ba trung
Check the bike careful

Check the engine. Turn on the engine for 1-2 minutes,see what is wrong with the machine? You can even drive try a few rounds to feel the quality of that motorbike.

Keep in mind that some pictures of motorbike parts should be taken before renting. In order to avoid pre-existing errors, when considering returning the motorbike at the store, they will say that is your fault. Like scratches or cracks, cracked plastic parts.

Careful A Little About Deposit Process

Some stores often ask their customers to deposit a very large amount of VND 3,000,000 – VND 5,000,000 depending on the type of vehicle you choose to rent. If you do not find a reputable unit, then you will not be assured to deposit back such money. Sometimes bring many inconveniences to car tenants. Because not everyone carries a large amount of money when coming to Hanoi. So look for motorbike rental shops in Hanoi where you don’t need to deposit. Mr-Good Bikes stores have been mitigating all the difficult issues in the contracting process. For customers to be assured, most convenient when renting a motorbike at a store. You do not need to deposit when you bring full personal information papers

Motorbike Rental Hai Ba Trung Must Have Clear Contract

When renting a motorbike in Hai Ba Trung, the shops will have to fully give you two contracts for each party to keep one copy. The contract must fully state the terms of customer rights and the store’s responsibility. The price of renting a motorbike as well as the documents left by the customer for the store must be specified in the contract. Regarding the contract, I advise you to read the contract carefully and not be subjective. Particularly away from motorbike rental shops without contracts. Or contract or agreement of verbal terms.

Trên đây là một số lưu ý mình muốn chia sẻ để các bạn có thể yên tâm thuê xe khi đến Hà Nội hay các quận trên địa bàn Hà Nội để thuê xe máy.

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