Motorbike Rental Hoang Quoc Viet Street


Motorbike rental is one of the growing utilities. Especially in Hanoi you can easily find a motorbike rental shop. To be able to find and rent a motorbike in Hanoi is very simple. Mr-Good Bikes motorbike rental shop is one of the prestigious motorbike rental Hoang Quoc Viet street.

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Motorbike Rental Service Mr-Good Bikes

Motorbike rental HaNoi Mr-Good Bikes is always proud of being one of the most prestigious motorbike rental shops in Hanoi today. With a team of enthusiastic professional staff. We always serve customers wherever and whenever customers need.

Quality Motorbike At Mr-Good Bikes

Always uphold the prestige and quality of service to the top. To ensure the safety of customers during each trip. All motorbikes at Mr-Good Bikes store are serviced monthly. Or after every trip to the motorbike are carefully checked every detail. Always ensure the motorbikes in the best condition, the safest when delivered to customers.

motorbike rental hoang quoc viet
Motorbike Rental Hoang Quoc Viet street

Customers when receiving the motorbike can check the motorbike and go to test. If there is any small error, the customer is completely entitled to request a new motorbike. Especially for long-term motorbike rental customers at the store will be entitled to monthly on-site car maintenance. The store staff will come and check the motorbike maintenance for customers periodically.

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Motorbike Rental Hoang Quoc Viet Without A Deposit

The procedure for renting a motorbike at all stores is very simple and fast. Customers do not need to carry too much paperwork and do not have to do too many procedures. Within 10 minutes, customers can pick up the motorbike. Especially when motorbike rental Hoang Quoc Viet, customers do not need to pay a deposit. Customers only need to prepare all the personal documents required by the store, you can rent a motorbike.

Vehicle Delivery Service Upon Request When Motorbike Rental Hoang Quoc Viet

When renting a motorbike at Hoang Quoc Viet, customers don’t necessarily have to come to your place to pick up your motorbike. Mr-Good Bikes motorbike rental shop with flexible delivery service. Help customers save travel time. Customers only need to contact the store in advance to reserve a motorbiek. Shop staff will receive customers’ motorbike reservation schedule. Then will deliver the vehicle to the customer at the required time and place. The store will completely free delivery service for customers who have demand for long-term motorbike rental at the store. Fast motorbike delivery within 15 minutes. Flexible return time only customers need notice to the store.

Contract Terms Clear Transparency

Motorbike hire is very important and necessary when renting a motorbike in Hanoi. It will ensure the best interests of customers when something goes wrong or anything goes wrong. So wherever you rent a motorbike, you need to ask for a specific contract.

motorbike rental hoang quoc viet
Contract Terms Clear Transparency

Therefore, when renting a motorbike at Mr-Good Bikes store, customers will be made a clear contract. The contract will list all responsibilities of the store to customers. The contract also states the rights of customers when renting a motorbike at the store. The price of renting a motorbike or the accompanying items when renting a motorbike is also clearly stated in the motorbike rental contract. The motorbike rental contract will be made in 2 copies, each party keeps one copy to ensure transparency.

The Price Motorbike Rental Hoang Quoc Viet street

The price renting motorbikes at all Mr-Good Bikes stores is public. Mr-Good Bikes provides affordable motorbike rentals to all classes. The price for renting a motorbike in the shop is only from 70k / day.

Semi-Automatic :

  • Daily Motorcycle Rent: 100,000 VND / day
  • Rent Motorbike by Week: VND 600,000
  • Monthly Motorcycle Rent: 1,000,000 VND – 1,200,000 VND

Automatic :

  • Daily Motorcycle Rental: 100,000 VND – 120,000 VND / day
  • Rent Motorbike by Week: 550,000 VND – 650,000 VND / week
  • Monthly Motorcycle Rent: 1,000,000 VND – 1,200,000 VND / month

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