Motorbike Rental Minh Khai HaNoi

Mr-Good Bikes‘ motorbike rental Minh Khai specializes in providing motorbikes with a variety of models. Good quality, nice design. The cheapest price in Hanoi is only 100,000 VND suitable for all classes, especially for students.

Motorbike rental Minh Khai prestigious quality

As one of the most prestigious motorbike rental HaNoi shops in the area today. Our store always put the interests of customers first to give customers a good service with quality motorbikes guaranteed.

Motorbike Rental Minh Khai
Motorbike Rental Minh Khai

24/7 customer support. With a team of staff with many years of experience in the field of motorbike rental plus enthusiastic and attentive working attitude, we are always ready to resolve any problem in the fastest time possible. Ensuring all rights of customers in the best way.

Free motorbike delivery and demand of customers. You only need to contact in advance to book a motorbike via the hotline: +84343506996 to notify the store of the time and location of receiving the motorbike. Store staff will be responsible for delivering the motorbike to the place at the right time for customers. Help people save time traveling.

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Rental motorbikes Minh Khai does not need a deposit

Normally when renting a motorbike at any location in Minh Khai as well as Hanoi you have to deposit a large amount of 2 million to 5 million depending on the type of motorbike you want to rent. This amount of money sometimes affects a lot of low income people or those who do not bring too much money during the journey. Understand the inadequacies of this issue. Mr-Good Bikes shop has overcome and created conditions for customers not to pay a deposit when renting a motorbike at the store.

Don’t Need Deposit

All you need to do is bring your personal information to the store and you can rent a motorbike. All documents are very easy and convenient within 10 – 15 minutes so you can get the motorbike.

Motorbike rental Minh Khai contract clearly transparent

Coming to Minh Khai, you can easily find motorbike rental shops. However, you should note that when renting a motorbike, you need to pay attention to the motorbike rental contract at the store. The contract should clearly clarify the terms so that both parties are satisfied.

The items about the rental price, the papers left must also be clearly stated in the contract.

Absolutely stay away from motorbike rental shops without a contract. This is to ensure your rights during the rental process. If there is a problem, you can take out the contract for comparison.

motorbike rental minh khai
The Contract Clear

Benefits of renting a motorbike

Renting a motorbike in Minh Khai or Hanoi will bring you many benefits when traveling. Because traffic in Hanoi is quite complicated, traffic jams often happen during rush hour.

  • Help you be proactive in all work, travel when having a motorbike
  • No worries about congestion
  • Save time on the move
  • Save more money than using vehicles like taxi or grab
  • Save time when you don’t have to wait for public transportation like buses. Avoid theft, pickpockets at public bus stops. No hustle and bustle to get in the car during rush hour
  • Freedom to explore the nooks and crannies of Hanoi.
  • There are many other benefits that you may notice when coming to Hanoi and renting a motorbike as a means of transportation. Everything will become easier and more convenient when there is a motorbike next to you.

I wish you a very interesting and rewarding trip.

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