Mr-Good Bikes is a one of the most reputable motorbike rental Thanh Xuan store.

Motorbike Rental Thanh Xuan HaNoi good quality

The service motorbike rental Mr-Good Bikes always proud to be one of the places motorbike rental Thanh Xuan the prestigious and high quality. good price. Because the store’s policy always takes prestige as a core to develop.

motorbike rental thanh xuan
Motorbike Rental Thanh Xuan

The staff at the store are well-trained, experienced in the industry always dedicated to consulting as well as supporting customers in all cases and every time. In any case we can support customers within 15 minutes throughout Hanoi.

Free motorbike delivery throughout the city at the request of customers renting motorbike for 5 days or more.

Provide free necessary tool for customers to participate in safe traffic in Hanoi like helmet, gasoline,…

Motorbike rental prices are suitable for everyone of workers, including students only from 100,000 VND / day. Motorbike rental prices will be even cheaper if customers have a long-term demand.

motorbike rental thanh xuan
Rental motorbike Thanh Xuan

Please contact us immediately: +84343506996 to receive the motorbike as soon as you want to rent a motorbike in Thanh Xuan.

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Mr-Good Bikes Service Quality and Quality motorbike

With the motto put customer benefits above all. Mr-Good Bikes stores always focus on and quality of cars so that it is best to ensure the best and most satisfying trip for customers.

motorbike rental thanh xuan
The service quality is number one

All motorbikes at the store are maintained regularly every month or after each customer trip. Minimize failure errors during travel. So customers can be assured of the safety and quality of motorbikes at Mr-Good Bikes store.

Support for trouble customer 24/7. All incidents will be handled within 15 minutes in Hanoi. All incidents at the store will be fully responsible according to the motorbike rental contract that was made before the customer rented the motorbike.

The motorbike rental contract of the shop ensures customers’ benefits

All customers who come to rent a car at our stores whether they rent short or long term. Everyone will make a motorbike rental contract. The contract is printed as two copies, each party will keep one copy. In the contract will record the full time of the motorbike rental, the price, the papers left in the shop. At the same time, it also clearly states the store’s responsibilities to customers in the course of using the service. Therefore, Mr-Good Bikes motorbike rental Thanh Xuan shop always ensures customers’ benefits first. Create professionalism in the process of providing motorbike rental services throughout Hanoi. Help customers feel more secure in their trip

thuê xe máy thanh xuân hà nội
Make clear contract

Mr-Good Bikes : motorbike rental Thanh Xuan does not require a deposit.

Usually when you rent a motorbike at all motorbike rental shops in Hanoi, they require you to deposit a certain amount of money. But at Mr-Good Bikes store, you don’t need deposit. As long as customers provide all necessary personal information documents as required by the store such as identity card, passport, air ticket information. Procedures for contracting and delivering motorbikes to customers within 15 minutes ensure the most time savings for customers.

Don’t need deposit

The price motorbike rental Thanh Xuan

Semi-automatic :

+ The price from 100000 vnđ to 120000 vnđ / day
+ The price from 80000 vnđ to 120000 vnđ / day when rent from 5 days up
+ The price from 1000000 vnd to 1200000 vnđ / month


+ The price from 100000 vnđ to 150000 vnđ / day
+ The price from 90000 vnđ / day when rent from 5 days up
+ The price from 500.000 vnđ to 650000 vnđ / week
+ The price from 1100000 vnđ to 1500000 vnđ / month

Above are some models of motorbike rental prices in Thanh Xuan according to the current common ground that I have consulted.

The service delivery motorbike for customer require

For convenience and maximum time savings for customers, stores provide services to transport vehicles to the door and make on-site contracts for customers. This service will be charged if the customer has a short-term rental. The fee for each delivery is not more than 30k throughout Hanoi city. And customers will be completely free of charge for car delivery service when there is a need to rent a motorbike for 5 days or more or in a radius of 2 km from the store. Customers just need to contact the store in advance to book the car and inform the time and place of receiving the car as the store will be responsible for delivering the car to the customer at the required time and place.


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