Tu Liem is a fairly large and newly developed district in Hanoi today. However, in Tu Liem, there are many universities focusing on this area such as commercial university, geological mine university, police academy. Along with a large bus station such as My Dinh bus station, Nam Thang Long bus station, so everyone’s travel needs are extremely great. To help people feel secure to find vehicles at motorbike rental Tu Liem facilities, please share some considerations when renting motorbikes here.

The Price Motorbike Rental Tu Liem

If you do not rush to consider, you are very easy to hire a car from a very expensive store.

motorbike rental tu liem
Check the price before rent motorbike

With motorbike rental shops near universities, the average rental price is as follows:

Rent motorbike follow hour : 30k / 1 hour

The price for rent from 150.000 vnđ – 200.000 vnđ / day

The price for rent average 700.000 vnđ – 800.000 vnđ / week

The price for rent average from 1.500.000 vnđ / month

This is the average motorbike rental price I have surveyed. However, not all stores apply such high prices, you can contact and consult the rental prices in some shops beforehand and then consider which motorbike stores to rent a motorbike at reasonable prices. most suitable for you.

Remember, you should not rent a motorbike at a hotel or a homestay because they usually do not have a motorbike but they also place a motorbike from another place and then raise the price. And because they don’t specialize in non-professional incident support mode.

Prepare what you need to rent a motorbike in Tu Liem

About Tu Liem motorbike rental procedure, almost all facilities are the same, you do not need to prepare many papers. You just need to provide your personal information, ID card, ID card and a small amount of money to deposit, you can receive the car. However, due to the need to deposit money back, you should look for reputable quality stores so that you do not have to pay additional fees after paying the motorbike.

Some small notes when renting a motorbike in Tu Liem

As one of the newly developed districts, security in this area is quite complicated. So you should be careful and note not subjective when renting motorbike here.

motorbike rental tu liem
Motorbike Rental Tu Liem

Find stores with specific addresses, phone numbers that can be contacted regularly.

Stores must have specific motorbike rental contracts. Stay away from motorbike rental shops without an agreement between the two parties. The rental contract must be made in two copies, each party will keep one. On the contract, customers’ rights must be fully recorded and the store’s responsibility for the trouble of customers encountered during the use of the vehicle must be clearly stated.

It is not advisable to hire vehicles from China because it is only beautiful outside code but in terms of machinery and parts it is almost degraded and unsafe during travel.

If you rent a motorbike, you will be provided with free tools for safe transportation such as helmets, gasoline for a certain amount, rain coats as well as leashes for you to carry many luggage to Go travel.

Remember to check the motorbike thoroughly before renting for details such , horns, and other signals to ensure safety during traffic. Take a picture of the motorbike before you hire it to be the most comprehensive proof of the motorbike.

When you encounter an unusual problem, do not rush to repair your motorbike at the nearby car repair shops, but call the store asking for assistance or find the best solution.

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The Service Motorbike Rental Tu Liem With Good Quality

One of the most prestigious motorbike rental shops in Hanoi. Motorbike rental shop Mr-Good Bikes specializes in providing rental vehicles with good quality. Affordable prices are suitable for all students, the rental price is only 100,000 VND / day.

motorbike rental tu liem
Rental Motorbike Tu Liem

Vehicles at the store are always maintained and invested periodically every month or after each trip, so the quality is very guaranteed. The store always minimizes the problems that occur with customers. In order to bring the best service to everyone when coming to Hanoi.

Get the motorbike delivered to the place where the customer requires such as hotel, bus station throughout Hanoi. Deliver the car no more than 15 minutes. You can contact the store in advance to book a motorbike: +84343506996. The delivery fee does not exceed 30k. Free delivery for customers who need to rent motorbikes for 5 days or more.

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