Motorbike Rental Old Town

Speaking of Hanoi, surely everyone of us will hear about the old town which still retains the culture, the ancient thousand years of Hanoi. The ancient streets with two rows of ancient trees keep memories of Hanoi thousands of years of culture. Old town is an attractive tourist destination that all tourists cannot ignore when coming to Hanoi. For the convenience of visitors can experience visiting the old town to the corner of the city, the rental service of motorbike rental old quarter of Hanoi has appeared to serve the travel needs of people in recent years.

motorbike rental old quarter
Motorbike Rental Old Quarter

Small Tips for Renting a Motorcycle in Hanoi Old Town

A crowded place annually welcomes many tourists to visit so HaNoi has many motorbike rental shops. But not all stores have good service, enthusiastic support. Here we would like to list some notes for you before renting a motorbike in Hanoi’s old town.

About the price motorbike rental old Quarter Hanoi

In terms of prices to avoid rental motorbike with exorbitant prices, you should call ahead to the motorbike rental shops in advance. The first is to ask if the price at the store is right for me? . Secondly, you can compare prices between stores to choose the most affordable motorbike rental shop.

Check About the condition motorbike before renting

When you rent a motorbike in the old town, you pay great attention to checking the motorbike first. First, you should carefully check the front and rear brakes. Then there are traffic signal devices like horn lights to see if they work well. And another important part is that you bend down to see if the vehicle has any oil. Finally, take a picture or record a video before you receive it. Because there are many cases after returning the motorbike owner, the shop owner makes you compensate when checking the motorbike, there are some breakages on the motorbike, not your fault and you have no evidence to prove it before. when receiving the motorbike.

About procedure motorbike rental old quarter

Never be subjective about motorbike rental procedures in Hanoi. Normally, when renting motorbikes in the old town, all of them require you to deposit a relatively large amount from 2,000,000 VND – 5,000,000 VND so you need to prepare this money in advance to avoid the case but not rent get the car.

However, there are also motorbike rental shop that do not require a deposit in Hanoi, but it is not always easy to find. In addition, if you do not deposit money, you will have to left personal identification and personal information. Especially for foreigners, you have to leave this passport, which is quite inconvenient for you during the long stay in Hanoi.

Avoid the shop for rent motorbike in hanoi with unclear contracts

Before you go through the procedure, you need to read the contract carefully( by english with foreigner and vietnamese with vietnamese ), review the interests and responsibilities of the motorbike lessor and the lessee. If there is any suspicious thing, you need to ask carefully to avoid losing money unfairly. In particular, you need to stay away from motorbike rental shops without contracts because you will certainly get some extra money after paying your motorbike.

Here are some small notes that hope to help you in the process of renting motorcycles in the old town.

Renting a motorbike at Mr.Good Bikes you can be assured that you don’t have to worry about anything. Affordable, clear disclosure, contract procedures clearly specific items and terms of responsibility of both parties. Customer support system enthusiastically 24/7. Motorbike delivery at the place required by customers throughout Hanoi.

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Some Famous Places Around The Old Town

36 Street : The place still retains the original culture of Hà Nội and each street is a kind of goods that is traded from the beginning to the end of the street. Anyone who comes here also likes to wander and walk from one street to the other to immerse into the wild beauty as well as the ancient culture that is preserved in the heart of Hanoi.

motorbike rental old quarter
36 Street

Guom Lake: We all know that Sword Lake is associated with mythical history stories of VietNam . The place associated with many ups and downs of the country. It is a very favorite place to take a picture and walk around lake to sightseeing ancient architecture works when coming to Hanoi

motorbike rental hanoi
Sword Lake

Long Bien Bridge : In the evenings wandering the wind on the bridge, it is a great thing. Under the dim yellow light, the middle of the bridge is the railroad crossing, creating a feeling of adventure when standing between the bridge.

motorbike rental old quarter
Long Biên Bridge

Walking Street: Only on 2 weekends. But it attracts hundreds of thousands of people flocking to folk games, street artists from all over the world.

motorbike rentl hanoi
Walk Street

West Lake: The West Lake is famous for its sunset beauty every afternoon, the sun image after the willow rows around the lake is a wonderful picture. West Lake is also a place where people gather in cool or check-in to keep beautiful photos at lotus pond.

West Lake

Coming to Hanoi, you can find many other beautiful places and enjoy admiring the quintessence of Hanoi.

Mr.Good Bikes wishes you all a wonderful visit to Hanoi.


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