Tam Dao is a popular tourist destination near Hanoi that is sought after. The weather is cool. Especially to Travel Tam Dao, you will feel clearly four season Spring and Autumn, Winter, Summer in a day. In recent years, the number of Tam Dao tourists has increased. Therefore, the landscape here is increasingly renovated and built magnificently, growing day by day.

Travel Tam Dao Town

Tam Dao is a place that was discovered and built by the French in the late 19th century. They knew how to take advantage of nature to build this place into a resort. With a variety of villas, restaurants, playgrounds, dance floors. All are designed in true Western style. Even though these hotel houses are no longer available, everything is still retained.

travel tam dao
Tam Dao Town

Tam Dao town consists of two villages: Village 1 and Village 2, belonging to Tam Dao District. The town’s tourist area is mainly located at Thon 1.
Tam Dao is a place with a clean and cool climate, an average temperature of about 18 degrees, often covered with clouds. Therefore, the landscape of this place becomes poetic, very majestic but also very fanciful in the smog.

Vehicle to travel Tam Dao

Travel Tam Dao by bus

From Hanoi, you can catch bus number 58 from Long Bien transfer station or on Yên Phụ road to stop at Mê Linh plaza general hospital, continue to catch bus 01 (Vĩnh Phúc bus) to Bus station Vĩnh Yên then transferred to bus 07 of Vĩnh Phúc to Tây Thiên. When you get on the bus, ask for a driver or a bus assistant to help you get the nearest point to Tam Dao (Tây Thiên intersection – Tam Dao) and then catch a motorbike to Tam Dao tourist area for about 11-12km.

Trave tam dao by bus
The Bus Go To Tam Dao

NEWWAY bus has 2 departure points at 32 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi and 122 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi. Vehicles run from 6:30 am in the afternoon about 3-4pm.
You can contact us at 024 35654898, 043.976.3999, 043.565.1997 to book tickets

Travel Tam Dao by Car

Car Tiến Thịnh – Limosine
The car go to Tam Dao Town Tam Đảo – Hà Nội 
Turn : Tam Dao to HaNoi : 7h30 – 12h30 – 14h00
Hà Nội to Tam Dao : 8h00 – 10h00 – 16h00
Ticket price : 
– Seat 1,2 : 150.000 VNĐ / person
– Seat VIP from (4 – 12 ): 170.000 VNĐ / person
– ( Round-trip ticket : 300.000 VNĐ / person )
The car have 16 to 29 seat
– Ticket price : 140.000 VNĐ / person ( round-trip price 250.000 VNĐ / person ) 
Hotline: +84985848448 | +84978198195 – ( Pick up everyone in your place )

Trave Tam Dao By Car
Trave Tam Dao By Car

Khắc Cường Limousine :
The car has continuous go during the day with the following hours: 5:30, 9:00, 12:30, 15:00 and 18:00.
Ticket price 100.000 – 130.000VNĐ.
You can get it in My Dinh station or Pham Van Dong street

Travel Tam Dao By The Train

Starting from Hanoi we can catch the train Hanoi – Lao Cai at Hanoi station or Gia Lam Station, then we will get off at Vinh Yen train station, the train ticket price is only about 35,000 VND. From Vinh Yen Station we can take a motorbike taxi or taxi to Tam Dao easily.

Travel Tam Dao by Motorbike

From Hanoi, you can go by motorbike to take the initiative in space and time. Going from Hanoi we will follow the way of Nam Thang Long bridge towards the direction of Noi Bai airport. When going to Nam Hong intersection, turn left in the direction of Me Linh (signposted on the road). Continue to follow the sign board to guide you to Vinh Yen. In Vinh Yen, we will see a sign board pointing to Tam Dao right at the beginning in Vinh Yen.

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Motorbike Rental HaNoi Mr.Good Bikes

Some Hotel Quality in Tam Dao Mountain

Tam Dao has a lot of hotels, motels serving tourists and increasing numbers. There are even times when Tam Dao does not have enough rooms to serve all tourists. Especially in the summer when Hanoi is harsh, the number of tourists coming to Tam Dao increases.

 Hotel – Nhà khách báo Nhân Dân
Reasonable room price, averaging from 300-400 / room / night. On holidays, weekends, but tenants can negotiate room rates when booking in advance.

Hotel in Tam Dao
trave tam dao

Hotel Mela : 
3-star hotel fully equipped, luxurious design quality.
Prices range from 300,000 VND to 2,000,000 VND / room / night with 4 different types of rooms you can choose according to your needs and allowable conditions.

Mella Hotel
Mella Hotel

Guest House. VTV
The number of large rooms, modern equipment, usually a large room with many beds suitable for teams or group.
Contact : 097 206 40 78 ( Prices can be negotiated usually 100k / person )

VTV Hotel
VTV Hotel

There are also a number of quality motel, hotels such as:

  • HoTel Phương Vi: 0977 606 558.
  • HoTel Cây Thông: 0211. 3577 1215
  • HoTel Hàng Không : 0211 3824208.
  • HoTel Ngôi sao Tam Đảo : 0211 824263

Tourist Locations In Tam Dao

Tam Dao Stone Church

Ancient Church is one of the most interesting places to visit in Tam Dao. Step into the Church, you can see the whole of Tam Dao dreaming. It is a great place to take souvenir photos. Because the church’s European-style design along with the weather will help you to have photos like in the sky of Europe. This is also a place where regular couples come to take wedding photos for themselves.

Church Stone
Church Stone

Tam Dao Heaven Gate

Being a towering place can help you reach the overarching view of Tam Dao. Go to Tam Dao on the early morning weather like you step up to the sky, you will enjoy the feeling of floating in the air. A feeling of adventure when you can no longer see the way you go between the four surfaces covered by fog.

Tam Dao Heaven Gate
Tam Dao Heaven Gate

WaterFall Bạc

The name says it all, we will have to go down at the foot of the mountain to see the entire Silver Falls with clear streams of water flowing from the ravine through the green canopy to the foot of the mountain.
The way down here is a bit steep and difficult, but when you arrive and admire its beauty, how many tiredness will disappear. The locals here often liken silver like the hair of a fairy. Because in the rainy season when the water rises and the water from the ravine flows out like a white silver hair spreading down the mountain side.

Water Fall
Water Fall

Temple Bà Chúa Thượng Ngàn

Sacred place on Tam Dao mountain. It is also a place of scenic views and beautiful scenery in the region. Attract many cross-country guests to worship.
Especially on the 1st or the 15th lunar the number of people coming to worship is very large. Organizing the field with music, flute, … resounding a mountain forest area.

Temple Tam Dao
Temple In Tam Dao

Tam Dao Television Tower

The highest place in Tam Dao, located at the top of Thien Thi. The way up here is so difficult but very romantic with the two sides of the road are flowers that bloom each other across the roads. There are a lot of colorful butterflies that flood the road according to visitors every time they pass.
It is also one of the favorite places that people often go to to take photos to keep their own souvenir photos.

Tam Dao Television Tower
Tam Dao Television Tower

Trekking 3 Top Mount Tam Dao

Experience our climbing talent when coming to this place. Three peaks of Phu Nghia mountain, Thien Thi and Thach Ban. If you intend to conquer all three peaks, you must have a plan to practice health beforehand. And when you go, you should go from early to fully enjoy the beauty of the mountain forest through the early misty mist, the sound of birds chirping and echoing an entire forest.
Especially when coming to Truc forest plus the early morning mist, it makes us feel like we have lost in the realm of the scene.

Trekking 3 Top Mount Tam Dao
Trekking 3 Top Mount Tam Dao

Hell Temple (Hell Self) – Ghost Forest – Pineapple Pond

Located deep in the old forest, about 8.5 km from Tam Dao ranger station, Hell Pagoda is a place that many young people love to explore, like to conquer but strange feelings.
It is a sacred place full of mysteries, Around here it is wild, the scene is simple and strange beauty. If you intend to explore, you should go with the group because the entrance is quite small and narrow.

Hell Temple (Hell Self)
Hell Temple (Hell Self)

Travel Tam Dao National Park

This is a place where you can organize camping and resting to make the journey to discover 3 Mount Tam Dao. Along with a large area of rich and diverse landscape and nature. There are also many mysterious and mysterious beauty scenes because there are no human hands to exploit. It will be a great place to bring a lot of emotions to people when they want to explore this place.

Travel Tam Dao National Park
Travel Tam Dao National Park

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Tam Dao Cuisine

Vegetables and chayote fruits

Su Su is probably the specialty of Tam Dao because it grows everywhere. From the nooks and crannies, people everywhere can see su su. Even the fair every morning also shows the flooded sundries. One thing in particular is that the chayote here has a better taste than most in other places. And we can enjoy it right in the summer, not in winter like other regions.
With favorable advantages of nature, su chay here grows completely natural without being affected by pests and diseases. So the quality of chayote in Tam Dao is always ranked first in the country.

Vegetables and chayote fruits
Vegetables and chayote fruits

Tam Dao Grill Chicken

Chicken in Tam Dao hill is often raised by natural people, looking for food on the hills. So their meat is very solid and fragrant. Chicken here is processed into a lot of dishes such as: roasted with salt, stewed bamboo shoots, grilled, steamed, boiled, roasted with onion fat … But there is one most delicious dish is probably the chicken hill covered with firewood. A dish that is very popular with tourists because chicken is always flavored with spices and sweetness of chicken.

Tam Dao Grill Chicken
Tam Dao Grill Chicken

Stream gobies Tam Dao

Here goby is completely nourished in the natural environment. People here have dammed the streams to grow goby. Goby is a very easy to prepare into delicious dishes. Goby fish just need to be washed, simple processing by frying with garlic and chilli sauce is wonderful.
  Goby is also an equally attractive dish. Goby fish are cleaned and fried. Then put it in a clay pot and add soy sauce. Add a little galangal with a little pepper powder, a little water with spices, sugar, salt, seasoning powder … Then put the pot on a stove to simmer, until the water is dry.

Stream gobies Tam Dao
Stream gobies Tam Dao

Tam Dao Barbecue

Tam Dao barbecue is always an attractive dish for tourists. Because here you can try a lot of different grill dishes. From seafood to wild animals all have and are marinated with spices in the way of local people. Very good taste of visitors.

Tam Dao Barbecue
Tam Dao Barbecue

Beef steak – (Thịt bò tái kiến đốt )

It is a very strange dish and processing wonders. The meat is still hot and the pieces are cut and hung in front of the ants on the forest trees. Then shake up the ants in the nest to release, sealing the piece of meat. The hotter the meat, the more fragrant the aroma stimulates the ants.
Same food but different taste. Because each type of burning ant creates a particular taste, like the black ant ant that produces a aromatic odor, the red ants create a sour, aromatic taste, or there are ants for sweet, spicy taste … Gourmet people will recognize immediately the difference created by each type of ant.

Beef steak
Beef steak

Tam Dao Wine – Rượu chít Tam Đảo

Specialties of deep-wine wine, everyone has heard of. Especially in every fun with a cup of delicious wine will make everything more poetic. Tam Dao wine will overwhelm the heart of the guests along with delicious dishes here.

Tam Dao Wine
Tam Dao Wine

Travel Tam Dao schedule 2 days

Day 1 : HaNoi – TayThien mountain – TamDao mountain

– 7am  : Start from Hà Nội
– 9am : stay in Tây Thiên mountain (hoặc Tây Thiên pagoda )
– 9am – 11am : Visit the Zen Monastery, learn about one of the great cradle of Zen Buddhism in Vietnam
– 11am : Use vegetarian rice or eat rice at public places in Tay Thien
– 12am : Go back to Tam Dao
– 1pm : It takes about 1 hour to move from Tay Thien to Tam Dao, check in and rest
– 2pm : Go to Tam Dao television tower
– 5pm : Back to the hotel to rest
– In the evening, wandering along the shops in Town to enjoy specialties here.

Day 2 : TamDao comeback HaNoi

– 7h : Have breakfast
– 8h : Visit Silver Waterfall, Tam Dao Church
– 10h : Go to Tam Dao National Park. Tours and camping in there
– 14h30 : Departure to Hanoi

Note when travel Tam Dao

There are a few small notes for you when going to Tam Dao. These notes are summarized and summarized from many people.

  • If the weekend. You should book before 3-4 days. To avoid high prices or no room on weekends.
  • Check or maintain your car carefully before you go. Most importantly, the 2 brakes must work properly.
  • Don’t drive scooter when go to TamDao mountain.
  • Bring enough money to use because does not have an ATM system in Tam Dao mountain.If you need money, you have to go down to the mountain to withdraw it.


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