Every year, Hanoi welcomes millions of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Therefore travel needs for tourists are essential and important. We would like to share the benefits of renting motorbikes when coming to Hanoi for foreigners.

Benefits of Renting Motorbikes

When you come to a strange place, you definitely want to find a means to travel. It will have to ensure a lot of economically, convenient and easy elements for you.

Save Money When Renting Motorbike

The Most Savings In Travel

Renting a motorbike will be the method to help people save the most in travel expenses in Hanoi. On average, you only have to spend about 100,000 VND / day for motorbike rental and even only 50,000 VND – 70,000 VND / day if renting for long term. This cost is definitely going to be a lot cheaper than services like grabbike, taxi, motorcycle taxi. But you do not take time to book a car and wait for the car to pick you up.

Saving Money Maintenance and Repair

For motorbikes when renting at motorbike rental shops. They all have regular monthly vehicle maintenance policies. So you just bring the motorbike to them for maintenance without any extra charge. Or in the process of using the motorbike that has problems, the stores are also responsible for handling for you. Because the store always has a support department, they will handle all the problems that customers encounter in the process of using the motorbike.

Discount Money Maintenance


Having a motorbike will save you a lot of time compared to using other vehicles. Especially at times of traffic jams in Hanoi. You will have to wait for hours to wait for public transport and move on it. Even have to jostle among the crowd to get there.
Do not take the initiative in space time when using other means

Save Time While Travel

Easy and Popular

Motorbikes are easy to use. Just a short time of drive, you can control it.
Motorbike are also popular vehicles in Vietnam. You can see that motorcycles appear on every road in Vietnam. You can easily find yourself a motorbike anywhere. Especially Hanoi to find and rent a motorbike is extremely simple. Because there are many motorbike rental facilities in Hanoi.

Convenient, Free in Travel

To discover all Hanoi is the old town. Motorcycles are the number one priority vehicle. By using motorbikes you can explore all the corners and alley of Hanoi. As well as convenient for traffic participation in Hanoi.

benefit when rent motorbike
Freedom Travel

You can freely travel anywhere, anytime you like. Actively in space and time. Not bound by anything.
So Benefits of Renting Motorbikes are many.

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Quality Prestige Motorcycle Rental Service In Hanoi

Mr- Good Bikes motorbike rental HaNoi shop is one of the most prestigious motorbike rental shops in Hanoi.

Customer support is always pushed to the top with enthusiastic, friendly staff. Always ready to serve and support customers anytime, anywhere.

Motorbike rental customers are signed a clear contract. Full contract of terms and benefits of customers as well as store responsibilities. Everything is clearly written and made into two copies each side keeps a copy.

Rent a motorbike without a deposit: rent a motorbike at Mr-Good Bikes store, you just need to prepare the prescribed documents of the store without having to deposit.

Delivery motorbike throughout Hanoi area at the request of customers. The delivery cost is only 20k / turn. Completely free delivery service with car rental customers for 5 days or more.
You just need to contact +84343506996 to book a motorbike. The store staff will deliver the car to the right place on time for customers.

Address : Alley 149 – Trích Sài street- Tây Hồ district- Hà Nội
No 10 – Alley 378/65/42 – Thụy Khuê street- Tây Hồ district- Hà Nội

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