To meet the travel needs of people when coming to Hanoi to work. Mr-Good Bikes motorbike rental service promotes quality and quantity. Ensure offers the best motorbikes to serve customers. As well as to save costs for customers, we have developed motorbike rental HaNoi by month


When you come to Hanoi to work for a long time, you will definitely need a means to move around during your stay in Hanoi. It’s easy to find and rent a motorbike for your travel needs. And if you rent a Ha Noi motorbike by month, you will definitely save a significant amount of money. Because a day with the average rent of motorbikes, you have to pay from VND 120,000 – VND 150,000. While renting motorbikes, you only have to pay from 1 million to 2.5 million for month depending on the type of vehicle.

motorbike rental hanoi by month
Motorbike Rental HaNoi By Month

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Big Benefits When Renting a Motorbike In Hanoi By Month

When you come to Hanoi and hire a long-term motorbike, you will save a lot of things.

Save a lot of money for customer from motorbike rental HaNoi by month

Going to Hanoi for a long time if you buy a new car you will have to invest a sum of not less than 20 million dong. A relatively large amount of money and will make it most difficult for students. Instead of spending a large amount of money from the first, you only have to pay a small monthly fee for motorbike rental. Special with foreigner with the first come to VietNam. You don’t have able to buy a good motorbike for you. So the store motorbike rental hanoi by month will have policy help you have motorbike with cheap price.

motorbike rental hanoi by month
Save Monney

Especially will save a lot of money in parking problems. Because when you leave Hanoi temporarily, you can send the motorbike back to the store. Especially for students when there are 2-3 months of summer vacation. This will save a significant amount.

No fear lost a lot amount maintenance of vehicles

When renting a motorbike in Hanoi every month, you don’t have to worry about costly maintenance of the motorbike periodically. Or malfunctioning problems during travel. Because the motorbike rental HaNoi shop will have monthly vehicle maintenance policies on a monthly basis. You just need to bring the motorbike and they will check the maintenance for you. Particularly about the problems during the store use process will have your support team 24/7. Just call to report the incident and We will come to help you.

motorbike rental hanoi by month
Free Maintenance

The store motorbike rental Hanoi by month will provide free equipment to participate traffic

When renting a motorbike whether it is short or long, you are fully equipped with equipment for peace of mind to participate in traffic. Free 2 helmets, plus raincoat and necessary equipment.

How to rent a motorbike in Hanoi by month.

To rent a motorbike for a long time when coming to Hanoi is very simple.

You just need to contact us in advance via hotline: +84343506996 to book a motorbike. Or you can order the motorbike directly on the website and facebook fan page of the store.
The counselor will assist in advising clients on the full procedures and procedures for renting a car. And note the customer booking information.

motorbike rental hanoi by month
How To Rent Motorbike By Month in HaNoi

After receiving the your request, we will prepare the contract, vehicle and related documents and schedule a appointment with you. You can pick up your motorbike from us store and check it in at the store or at your location as required.

When renting a motorbike, customers need to prepare all personal information papers to make a motorbike contract. Before receiving motorbike, the customer should check the motorbike carefully and then make contract with the store.

The store side will keep the client’s papers carefully. In case you need, you can go through to get your papers back. And the store will return all your paper personal for you when your bike expired rental

Mr.Good Bikes – motorbike rental HaNoi by month service

Motorbike rental HaNoi Mr-Good Bikes specializes in providing the best motorbikes to meet the travel needs of people all over Hanoi.
Deliver the motorbike to the place as required by the customer. Free delivery motorbike service with customers renting motorbikes for 5 days or more.
Advising enthusiastic customer support 24/7. Whenever customers call us, we will there.

The Service Rental Motorbike in HaNoi

Come to Mr-Good Bikes, you don’t have to worry about price and quality. Everything is guaranteed through the terms of a clear motorbike lease agreement between the two parties. We are committed to bringing the most affordable and best quality service to every customer.

Address : Alley 149 – Trích Sài street – Tây Hồ district – Hà Nội
No 10 – Alley 378/65/42 – Thụy Khuê street – Tây Hồ district – Hà Nội
Contact : +84343506996 ( Call to the staff pick up from alley)

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