Hanoi has the largest number of students and universities in the country. Every year, there are hundreds of thousands more new students. Therefore to increase the travel conditions of students. Motorbike rental HaNoi with cheap price where specialize in providing motorbikes for students’ needs.

Experience Motorbike Rent With Cheap Price

When arriving in Hanoi, studying far away from home and difficult economic conditions. And there are many new surprises that you have never collided with before. We would like to share some experiences in hiring motorbikes in Hanoi as follows:

motorbike rental hanoi with cheap price
Motorbike Rental HaNoi With Cheap Price

What will you must do before rent motorbike?

Before you rent a motorbike, you can find some motorbike rental facilities. Then contact them and ask about the price before coming to rent a motorbike. See which stores are affordable for you. Then ask about the store’s support regimes before you hire or ask them to hand them over to you.

Should Not Rent At The Following Facilities:

  • When renting a motorbike, you should avoid motorbike rental facilities with unclear addresses.
  • Avoid motorbike rental facilities without motorbike rental contracts. Or there is a contract where the contract says the content is not clear about the terms.
  • The price is unclear. And especially the price is not write in the motorbike rental contract.
  • The attitude of staff lacks sympathy and enthusiasm

Do Not Rent A Motorbike At Too High Deposit Facilities

Often when renting cars, shops require customers to deposit a sum of money to make believe. However, there are many shops, especially in the old town or the center of Hanoi and bus stations. They often require customers to deposit a relatively large amount of money from VND 2,500,000 – 5,000,000 depending on the type of vehicle you want to rent. Such high deposit will cause many disadvantages for customers. Because students usually don’t have too much money like that. And customers will not be relieved when leaving such a large amount of money.
Even when there is a problem about the motorbike, you will often be more disadvantaged.

motorbike rental with cheap price
Deposit When Rent Motorbike

Careful motorbike Inspection

When renting a motorbike, please carefully check the details on the motorbike. From sign light, front brake, engine. See if everything is stable. If something feels unusual, ask to change another motorbike

Because there are many low-cost motorbike rental facilities that always focus on reducing prices. But it does not focus on maintaining the best quality of vehicles.
When you agree to rent a motorbike, you can take photos or record video details of the motorbike. To ensure that when returning the motorbike, there is no error of your individual.

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Motorbike Rental HaNoi With Cheap Price No Deposit

Mr-Good Bikes : motorbike rental HaNoi with cheap price service. The most prestigious motorbike rental unit in Hanoi. Currently the store is focusing and focusing on renting motorbikes with the object of students. With the best quality service to serve the needs of everyone.

Simple Clear Detailed Procedures

Procedures for renting motorbikes at the store are very simple and quick. In just 5 minutes you can get the bike.
When renting a motorbike, you just need to prepare the ID card, passport required by the store to rent a motorbike.
The motorbike rental contract is fully filled with two copies each party keeps one copy. In the contract, the benefits of customers will be clearly recorded in the rental process. As well as the store’s responsibility for customer incidents encountered.

motorbike rental with cheap price
Motorbike Rental HaNoi Mr.Good Bikes

Staff – Quality Motorbike

The staff at the store have long experience in the industry. Enthusiastic advice support wherever you are. has a lot of experience to handle every problem customers encounter. Support in place to help customers when having trouble 24/24

Motorbike quality is always guaranteed in the best conditions when delivered to customers. All store vehicles are maintained and maintained monthly or after each trip as specified by the store.

Service In Store

When renting a motorbike, you will be provided with all the necessary equipment to be able to join the traffic. All are provided free of charge during the rental process.

Free delivery of vehicles at all locations in Hanoi with customers renting motorbikes for 5 days or more. You just need to contact the store staff in advance. Contact the hotline: +84343506996

Motorbike rental price is only 80,000 VNĐ / day. Even if there is a demand for long-term lease, only 50,000 VNĐ / day will be available

Address : Alley 149 – Trích Sài street- Tây Hồ district- Hà Nội
No 10 – Alley 378/65/42 – Thụy Khuê street – Tây Hồ district- Hà Nội

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