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Ba Vì is a beautiful place near Hanoi that many people choose as a vacation spot to visit on the weekend. For a perfect plan for travel. We would like to share with you some of travel BaVi experience.

The Best Time To Travel BaVi

BaVi is a mountainous area with a temperate climate, relatively cool temperature. It is a very suitable place to relax and visit after tired and stressful working days. But the most convenient time to travel to BaVi is around April to October. Because at that time, when BaVi was the beautiful in the year. Cool and quiet climate is very convenient for camping and sightseeing.

In addition, other seasons have their own characteristics. Each season will have flowers, nuances and features that attract people.

travel Ba Vi
Travel Ba Vi

Vehicles Moving When To BaVi

Only 45 km away from Hanoi and the road is quite convenient. So you can choose a lot of ways to move to Ba Vi. There are 3 main vehicles to help you have a trip like the car, bus and motorbike.


  • If traveling by bus: you can choose the following bus routes
    Bus number 214: The bus starts from Yên Nghĩa bus station – Hà Đông and the end is Xuân Khanh
    Bus number 71 or 74: These two bus are both from My Dinh bus station and the end at Xuân Khanh
    All bus will stop at Xuân Khanh, about 5 km from Ba Vi National Park. Here you can catch a taxi or motorbike taxi to get there.


  • If traveling by motorbike, you can choose two roads that are National Highway 32 or Thang Long Highway can all get to BaVi.

Effective means can help you be more active in the process of travel, I think it is a motorbike. You can prepare yourself a motorbike or rent a motorbike at any point in Hanoi. Renting a motorbike is also very simple. You just need to contact the motorbike rental store in advance and request delivery to your place according to your time. The average rent for motorbikes is 100,000 VNĐ / day.

motorbike rental with cheap price
Motorbike Rental HaNoi Mr.Good Bikes

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Methods of Resting When Travel BaVi

Currently, the services is development follow tourism industry in Ba Vì. So when I came to Ba because people were not afraid of lack of accommodation.

Stay At The Resort

Some resorts of good quality are affordable. And especially the very unique design style is suitable for relaxation.

Family Homestay

With unique design, the space is very wide and airy with garden. Leaf-style design is close to nature. Create a feeling like being immersed in the nature of heaven and earth, around the houses are rows of green trees shady.
Address : Ba Trại village – Ba Vì district – Hà Nội

travel ba vi
Family Homestay

Zen Resort

Zen Resort is a resort, resort, entertainment and entertainment complex. The spacious and airy space with an area of up to 60 hectares includes 58 fully equipped villas and swimming pools. Diverse landscape design in harmony with nature.

Zen Resort

 Tản Đà Spa Resort

Located near the foot of Ba Vì mountain with wide space, charming scenery. Combined with the rear is Suoi Bon very suitable for a vacation. The spacious system consists of 85 rooms divided into 2 areas: Lạc Việt and Xom Nha.
The price : 1 million /room /night

 Tản Đà Spa Resort
Tản Đà Spa Resort

Camping In The Forest

If you go in groups, you can prepare tents and camp in the forest to enjoy the wild experience in the forest. Fire camp together and sing in the dark night of the mountain forest.
When you intend, you should prepare all necessary equipment. Like a grill, charcoal, canvas, food, bowls, water, etc. Especially preparing sleeping bags and blankets for sleeping overnight in the mountains and in the forest at night temperatures will be quite cold.

Camping In The Forest

Three Tourist Places For Camping In The Forest

  • Pine forest in Ba Vì resort (house N06): It is a fairly spacious and quiet sloping ground. Setting up tents is free but only suitable for camping at noon. This area is opposite to the Xạ Hương and Ba Vì Resort restaurant.
  • Private pine forest : Near the cactus garden. Although not as beautiful as the pine forest in Ba Vi resort, you can camp overnight and camp fire. Charge 20k / person. You can rent tents here.
  • Tiên Sa Lake: Located at the beginning of Ba Vi National Park. In the evening, Tiên Sa Lake tourist area also has a campfire program, so if you are camping in this place, you can join in the fun.
  • Old French church: An ideal place to camp overnight in the style of a ghost house. Create a wild feeling between mountains and forests. However, recently there is a policy of not allowing camping overnight. So people can visit it early in the morning or camp at the noon

Some place famous in BaVi

Thiên Sơn – Suối Ngà ( Thien Son – Nga stream )

This is an area in Ba Vi ecological population. The place is very much endowed by nature for the landscape. One place is called mountain interference with a combination of rocky mountains and waterfalls. Spacious airy space, fresh air.

Thien Son – Nga stream
Thien Son – Nga stream

BaVi National Park

Still a pristine place not yet exploited by human hands. But it is a place very attractive for everyone with a deep green forest of vegetation. With hundreds of different species of flowers blooming in different seasons.

BaVi National Park
BaVi National Park

Tiên Stream – ( Khoang Xanh Suối Tiên )

Located on the east side of Ba Vì, Khoang Xanh Suối Tiên is one of the precincts of Suoi Tien water park. Including a lot of motel hotels catering to the needs of rest and eating. This is also a beautiful sight between the mountain forest and the clear stream on the bank, which are lined with trees.

Tiên Stream

Mountain Tản Viên

The most sacred mountain in our country with myths. The foot of the mountain has the Lower temple, halfway there is Trung temple. On the top of the mountain there is the upper temple where worshiping Son Tinh or also known as Thanh Tan. The mountain with charming scenery is cloudy from morning to afternoon.

Mountain Tản Viên
Mountain Tản Viên

Pond Vua

Beautiful natural scenery, spring water flows naturally throughout the year. The Vua Pond is the last waterfall after experiencing all three falls at Ba Vì. Where you can organize sightseeing, camping and camp fire here.

Pond Vua

Historical sites K9

At this place, you can join the space, the stilt house scene that Ho Chi Minh once lived. Everything here is virtually preserved and intact until today. A simple and beautiful scene like that of Uncle Ho is very close and familiar.

Historical sites K9

Traditional Craft Village At Ba Vì

Travel BaVi , you can integrate into real life in craft villages. For farms with vast dairy cows, ostriches, goats and rabbits.The villages processing tea buds, dried tea in Dong Cham, ….

BaVi Travel Cuisine

Come to Ba Vì, you can enjoy a lot of delicious dishes.

Chicken Hill – Chicken Walk

All chickens are raised naturally in the hills, with good quality meat. Through the magic hand of the chef we can enjoy with a lot of different attractive dishes from chicken hill.

Chicken Hill – Chicken Walk
Chicken Hill – Chicken Walk

Pure Fresh Milk Products

Is a vast plateau and has the largest dairy tradition in the country. Dairy products are also processed by local people, such as fresh milk, Ba Vi yogurt, caramel, milk cakes, …

Pure Fresh Milk Products
Pure Fresh Milk Products

Forest pork

It sounds far away but to Ba Vì, you can absolutely enjoy the wild boar at Ba Vì. Specialties are processed by restaurants with typical regional flavors.

Forest pork
Forest pork

Travel Ba Vì For 2 Days

Starting from Hanoi. You should actively choose the means to move to Ba Vi. Often motorcycles will be the most popular means for its convenience.

Day 1: Hanoi – Ba Vi (Ba Vì National Park)

  • Day 1 : Morning: Depart from Hanoi to Ba Vì.
    Go to the national park gate to buy tickets and move to Thượng temple.
  • Noon: Sightseeing is complete, take a rest and have lunch.
  • In the afternoon: Visit the remaining places: the old French church, the orphanage, the rest house of senior French officials, the political prison, the 600m core (the place marked the battle of the Ba Vì regiment), dynamic Ngoc Hoa, a cactus garden.

Day 2 : Khoang Xanh – Suối Tiên

Visiting the tourist area, discover the beauty of Thac Mo, Tram Roi, Hoa Lan Waterfall, Hon Chong, Ham Pig Stone Park, 300 year old saplings, stone eggs … Visiting dinosaur valley, water park Suoi Tien.

In the afternoon, we get back to Hanoi, we can buy Ba Vi specialties, buy gifts when traveling in Ba Vi such as cow’s milk, goat’s milk and dairy products (milk cakes, yogurt …).

Motorbike rental HaNoi Mr-Good Bikes

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