Thung Nai is an attractive destination not to be missed, where the river and mountain forest blend together. With the magnificent scenery of the Song Da river flowing through the rugged mountains. This is an interesting point for young people who like to explore and enjoy every year. In order to have a plan to visit Thung Nai, we would like to share some experience travel Thung Nai .

Introduce About Thung Nai

Thung Nai is a small commune formed in the center of Da river lake. Belong to the territory of Cao Phong commune, Hoa Binh province. The inhabitants here are mainly Muong people. People mainly live by farming. So this is a very difficult commune in Hoa Binh. Although there is a terrain advantage, it is possible to thrive on tourism. After all, the people here still do not know how to raise the level to bring it into the main economic sector of the locality. Probably that should many people still do not know all about the wild beauty of Thung Nai

Travel thung nai
Travel Thung Nai

In the years 80. When the Song Da hydropower project was built and completed. Thung Nai is one of the great hydropower reservoirs. Combined with the high mountains towering in the water, this place is like a charming marine island.

Best Time To Travel Thung Nai

Each season have beautiful specific but probably the most beautiful perhaps between May and August when summer comes. Unlike the summer city here is very cool, fresh air. According to the tourist experience travel Thung Nai that many people have shared, we should come here on weekends to have more time to visit. Or full moon days to be able to admire the full beauty of moonlight on the lake.

Also if visiting Thung Nai in the dry season. When the lake water is depleted, you can visit the Thac Bo and Thac Bo temple.

Vehicle Go To Travel Thung Nai

Based on the experience travel Thung Nai, we can come here with many different means. But the most important and easy is still cars or motorbikes. The way to here is not too difficult. Thung Nai is not far from Hanoi just about 100 km away.

Travel Thung Nai By The Cars

This is a safe method and you get a rest period during the move. You can catch a bus to Thung Nai at My Dinh bus station or Luong Yen bus station. A trip for Hanoi to Hoa Binh every 15-20 minutes is a trip. The average fare is about 100,000 VNĐ. All cars are not going to Thung Nai, so they go to Hoa Binh, you will get a motorcycle, taxi to Thung Nai.

Travel Thung Nai By Motorbikes

Going by motorbike: Easy means and loved by young people. Freedom of movement takes initiative in space and travel time. It is possible to stop at any time. Even take pictures along the road with lots of beautiful scenes.
From Hanoi you move towards Highway 6 to Hoa Binh. When approaching the gas station in center Hoa Binh, we turn to the street to go to Son La following the sign. Going to the foot of Cun slope, turn right and ask for the road to Thung Nai tourist spot.
Parking is available at Thung Nai day and night. So you don’t need to worry about parking.

From Hanoi we can prepare motorbikes. Or contact in advance to rent a motorbike at some motorbike rental locations in Hanoi. You can book your motorbike and request delivery to your place.
You can refer to motorbike rental HaNoi service Mr-Good Bikes. One of the most reputable and quality motorbike rental locations in Hanoi. Hotline: +84343506996
Address : Alley 149 – Trích Sài street- Tây Hồ district- Hà Nội
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Resting at Thung Nai

Although not yet developed strongly. But we can also find many beautiful, spacious motels in Thung Nai. There are 2 motels, Windmill ( Cối Xay Gió ) and Coconut Island ( Đảo Dừa), which are 2 quality accommodation options that many people choose.

Hotel Windmill ( Cối Xay Gió )

Located in a central location near tourist sites in Thung Nai. From the lodge you can see the whole of Thung Nai lake. This hostel is built in a Western style by soldiers at the Military Technical Academy. The guest house is fully equipped with modern facilities for guests.
The price : 250k / people including 3 meals.
Contact : 0913.591.943

trave thung nai Hotel Windmill
Hotel Windmill

Hotel Coconut Island ( Đảo Dừa)

Designed in a garden style around the hotel are fruits tree and coconut trees. There is a relatively large area. Being close to nature is a beautiful spot to relax when travel Thung Nai.
The main guest house consists of 4 large stilt houses. Built and designed in the style of Muong people. Each stilt house may not have about 50 people. In addition, there are 8 small stilt houses serving food and entertainment.
The price : 300.000 VNĐ including swim boat services and 2 meals.
Contact : 0368.862.663

travel thung nai Hotel Coconut Island
Hotel Coconut Island

Through a lot of Thung Nai travel experiences, you should make reservations about 2-3 days in advance when planning. To avoid don’t have room available, especially the weekend or the Tet holiday.

Homestay Bản Giang Mỗ

According to experience travel of Thung Nai self-sufficient after a full day’s visit, you can rest at Homestay Ban Giang Mo. The location is cheap, serves delicious food and has many mountain forest specialties.
Contact : 0399.554.457

travel thung nai Homestay Bản Giang Mỗ
Homestay Bản Giang Mỗ

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Tourist Locations At Thung Nai

Stream Trạch

A clear, cool natural stream as an ideal swimming pool during hot summer days. Can you create games, jump on cliffs into the water. This is one of the beautiful places of Thung Nai tourism that many people love.

travel thung nai Stream Trạch
Stream Trạch

Float Market Thác Bờ

The market is only open on the Sunday every week. The place of trading activities of people around the region. Most of the goods sold are mostly agricultural products, mountain forest products and handicrafts produced from skillful hands of local people.

Float Market
Float Market

Temple Bà Chúa Thác Bờ

This is a very sacred temple. Always crowded with tourists from the cross to worship, pray for a peaceful life. The temple is built in a cave.

travel thung nai Temple Bà Chúa Thác Bờ
Temple Bà Chúa Thác Bờ

Thác Bờ Cave

This is an interesting and wonderful place for people to explore the caves. With stalactites are formed over time with all things. Quiet space, quietly creating many impressions for tourists. The way into is a stream of water year-round.

Thác Bờ Cave
travel thung nai

Cối Xay Gió Island

A place with peaceful natural scenery creates a feeling of relaxation and relief for tourists when coming here. Windmill Island is also a beautiful place to save souvenir photos.

Play Points

You can organize fun games on the lake like swimming, sailing on quiet water. In addition, you can organize camp fire to organize collective exchanges with people at many locations here.

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Specialty Travel Thung Nai Hoa Binh

Coming to Thung Nai, you can enjoy a lot of specialty dishes prepared by the people here. Each dish will leave a deep impression in the heart of each person here.

Muong Pork Meat

Pig species are naturally bred by Muong people in the form of free-grazing. They feed themselves around the house or in the hills. Therefore this type of pig is very small, only 6-7kg a year. But pork is very firm and delicious.

Muong Pork Meat
Muong Pork Meat

Chicken Hill

With the local name. This chicken is grazed on Thung Nai hill. Advantages of very tasty and sweet chicken. Main course is marinated with spices and grilled with charcoal.

Fish Da River Toast

At Song Da and hydroelectric lakes, people here catch a lot of big fish and specialty fish. The main dish of the local people is grilled fish. I don’t understand why when they marinated and grilled fish it was very fragrant and sweet. If you can eat then you will be addicted and want to eat forever.

Fish Da River Toast travel thung nai
Fish Da River Toast

Thung Nai Travel Schedule 2 Days

Day 1 : HaNoi – Thang Thien Waterfall – Thung Nai

  • 7am : Start from Hà Nội
  • 8:30 am : Came in Thang Thien Waterfall, visit, have lunch and have lunch right on the way at the stop.
  • 2 pm : From Thang Thien Waterfall to Thung Nai
  • Evening rest to enjoy Thung Nai cuisine, organize campfire and watch the moon of Da river lake

Day 2 : Thung Nai – Travel Heart Lake – HaNoi

  • 8 am : Thuê thuyền đi thăm một số địa điểm tham quan như Động Thác Bờ, đền Bà Chúa Thác Bờ, đảo Dừa,  thưởng ngoạn cảnh đẹp của lòng hồ Thung Nai
  • 11:30 am : Quay lại nhà nghỉ ăn trưa, nghỉ ngơi
  • 2-3 pm : Swim in the lake
  • 3:30 pm : Come back HaNoi

Some note

  • When you plan to travel to Thung Nai, you should book a room at least 3-4 days in advance. To avoid don’t have room available. Because the food and drink here must be transferred from outside the lake, you need to inform the number of people to prepare your uncle in advance. If there is a change you want to cancel, you should report 1-2 days in advance.
  • On the way, you should keep the speed because on the national high way 6, there are often check speeding stations.
  • Especially should not go at night. Because the road here has many bends and many passenger cars run through the province. It should be very dangerous if you are familiar with the road and have not had much experience.
  • When swimming at Ho should not be subjective, prepare for everyone life jackets to keep everyone safe. Because the lake has places more than 40m deep and unforeseen places with swirling water.

These are some of the Thung Nai travel experiences that I would like to share with you.

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