Ba Dinh is one of the districts in downtown Hanoi. It is a place where many important agencies are concentrated in the Vietnamese state apparatus as well as in Hanoi. Not only that Ba Dinh is also a district with many famous landmarks attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit every year. Therefore, the number of tourists coming to work and travel is increasing. And to create convenience in everyone’s travel process, the motorbike rental Ba Dinh Hanoi service is one of the highly developed services today.


When coming to Ba Dinh Hanoi, you will surely consider the means to travel during your time in Hanoi. Because when using the means like taxi, grab will be very expensive and not actively free to explore the beautiful scenes of Hanoi. If you use public transport such as buses, you will have to spend a lot of time waiting and moving. Especially in the time of Hanoi traffic jams.

motorbike rental ba dinh
Ba Dinh Square

Therefore, renting a motorbike in Ba Dinh will be the most effective solution for everyone. Save time on traveling, save money and move freely to your liking.

It’s easy to rent a motorbike when you come to Hanoi in general and Ba Dinh in particular. You can search on google will a series of motorbike rental Ba Dinh shop facilities. You just need to select a facility and contact to book a motorbike, an agreement on motorbike rental prices. You can ask the motorbike lessor to deliver the motorbike and make the contract at your request at a cheap fee of less than 30k.

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What Should you Prepare When you Rent a motorbike in Ba Dinh?

Currently, motorbike rental establishments in Hanoi want to minimize motorbike rental procedures so that customers can receive motorbikes and complete procedures as quickly as possible. So you do not need to prepare too many things to rent a motorbike.

For domestic customers, you need to prepare all personal information documents such as ID card or passport and driver’s license along with some money to deposit back to the stores. .

For customers from abroad: you need to prepare a passport (ID card).

For the convenience of customers as well as motorbike rental shops, you need to prepare all required documents of the store.

Remember to Check Vehicles Before Renting?

When you come to rent a motorbike, you need to check the vehicle carefully before accepting the motorbike. Because a small neglect can also cause problems for you in the process of using a vehicle. First, take a quick look at the overall vehicle to see if everything looks good. Then you need to turn on all the functions you want, the front lights, horns, buttons to see if they still work well. Check the brake in front of the brakes after seeing whether the two brakes are still sensitive. Be more careful, you can turn on the engine and hear the engine to see if the motorbike is probably not dead in the middle. Necessary can go try a few rounds on that motorbike for peace of mind. If there are unusual signs, ask the store to change the other motorbike too.

rental motorbike in Ba Dinh
Insurance motorbike every month

Stay out some this motorbike rental Ba Dinh store if don’t you will have a trouble

Motorbike rental must have a clear contract of terms between the two parties. If the store does not have a specific contract or doesn’t contract of motorbike rental, it is best to switch to another store.

Prices must be specifically agreed upon by your motorbike rental schedule and clearly stated in the contract.

motorbike for rent in Ba Dinh
Avoid the shop with unclear contract

The store’s responsibility to customers must be clearly stated. Ensuring a best safe service for customers.

Avoid shops with poor vehicle quality, use beautiful vehicles, but the quality of machinery is seriously degraded.

Should not be rented motorbike at stores that do not have customer support services in case of trouble. Because in the process of using the motorbike you will not know in advance what unexpected incidents may occur. Moreover, because you are not local people, you will not know how to handle them for the most reasonable and fastest.

Avoid stores that have a motorbike rental address that are not specific, who will lose their time to the place where they cannot find, call and contact, no one will listen.

Where will Go when to Ba Dinh?

Famous for many tourist attractions, famous landmarks such as:

motorbike for rent in Ba Dinh
One Pillar Pagoda
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: A destination that everyone wants to visit every occasion to Hanoi. Visiting Uncle Ho to commemorate the leader and father of the Vietnamese nation
  • Ba Dinh Square: Attending the flag-raising ceremony, lowering flags every week early and late in the weekend to see the national pride in each of us the children of the Vietnamese nation
  • One Pillar Pagoda: Lotus-shaped temple with ancient design. Is one of the most sacred temples in Hanoi.
  • Ho Chi Minh Museum: a place to store a lot of Uncle’s supplies and utensils.
  • Hanoi flagpole
  • Thang Long Citadel: is a place that many young people love to check in. Especially in the weak year, Thang Long Royal Citadel glared at the entrance and exit. The place to keep the most ancient features of the ancient feudal lord
  • Phan Dinh Phung Street: Hanoi’s most beautiful street shaded with trees. Along with the national assembly houses built during the French colonial period. Nostalgic traits about Hanoi, a time when bombs may have been stored on this road. Because of that, people often come here to save the best pictures especially in the fall of August when the fall leaves cover the road of an endless yellow.
motorbike rental ba dinh
Phan Dinh Phung street

Để đi tham quan được hết tất cả các cảnh đẹp trên địa bàn này thì thuê xe máy tại Ba Đình sẽ là một lựa chọn tốt nhất cho mọi người khi đến du lịch cũng như làm việc tại đây.

The service motorbike rental Ba Dinh well quality, most reputation

Mr-Good Bikes

The store motorbike rental HaNoi Mr-Good Bikes always proud to be one of the most prestigious motorbike rental units in Hanoi. With a staff of many years of experience in the profession. Ready to support enthusiastic customer advice anytime, anywhere. With the motorbike always being invested to renew and maintain periodically according to the regulations of the store and after each trip away. Mr-Good Bikes always ensures that the motorbike delivered to the customers are the best motorbike. Minimize incidents that may occur on the road. Free delivery of vehicles as required by customers with customers who need to rent motorbike for 5 days or more. Fully equipped with necessary items for customers to be safe when participating in traffic in Hanoi.

Chúc các bạn có một chuyến công tác, du lịch Hà Nội như ý.

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