Rental Motorbike In The West Lake HaNoi

West Lake is a famous tourist destination in Hanoi. The place attracts a large number of tourists visiting Hanoi every year. In order to meet the convenient travel needs for tourists visiting Hanoi, the motorbike rental shops in Hanoi are constantly being developed. In which, motorbike rental West Lake HaNoi is one of the most developed places in Hanoi.

Why should you rent motorbike in West Lake ?

Easy to travel, convenient transportation, saving travel time

TayHo is a place very close to the center of Hanoi capital. From TayHo, you are very easy to move to famous places in Hanoi such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, TranQuoc Pagoda, HoTay, Long Bien Bridge, water park. West Lake, … So it will save a lot of time in your travel. Not only that, TayHo also has a system of beautiful hotel, luxurious, looking to West Lake, airy space, fresh air. But the price is moderate, this is convenient for you to travel or work in Hanoi for a long time.

motorbike rental west lake
West Lake

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food around West Lake

Tây Hồ is one of the famous tourist sites with landmarks such as the oldest temple in Hanoi Trấn Quốc Pagoda. Or as the old village on Thụy Khuê street has the ancient features of the ancient Hanoi people. The place still retains Hanoi’s soul with a lotus leaf nuggets sold every morning in the markets. Or the delicious snail dishes famous throughout Ha Thanh on Trích Sài street. Typical is the Ba Gia Snail Shop that many tourists visit every occasion to Hanoi

motorbike rental west lake
Thanh Nien street

West lake sunset is a beautiful scene that you should not ignore. Whenever the evening falls down, standing by the sidewalk of Thanh Nien street, enjoying the Ho Tay ice cream and watching the sunset is a romantic thing. Or even the evenings to hang around the West Lake to admire Hanoi’s immersive beauty in the sparkling night is probably a very meaningful feeling for those who want to explore Hanoi. This is one of the famous places to check-in by the young people today.

How To Rental Motorbike West Lake HaNoi

It is not difficult to rent motorbike in West Lake. You can search on social networking sites or many of you have experienced travel in Hanoi can book motorbikes at familiar stores.

Don’t Need Deposit

In order to be able to rent a motorbike, you need to prepare personal papers and information to be a motorbike rental contract. Documents include your identity card (passport) or passport and information about your flights arriving and leaving Hanoi. If you unfortunately do not carry all the documents, then you are not too worried, you can completely deposit back in cash.

However, at present, there are many facilities for renting motorbikes in the West Lake so you should be careful when renting a car to avoid losing money unfairly and then getting tired. Before renting a car, you need to call the motorbike rental shop in advance to ask questions about the procedures as well as the car rental price at the store. Care should be taken when receiving vehicles from stores such as horn, brake, tire signals, and take a few photos of the vehicle at the time of receiving the vehicle as proof to avoid the mistake of returning the new car detected incidents and must compensate.

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Rental Motorbike West Lake Hanoi with good quality

Motorbike rental hanoi Mr-Good Bikes shop is always proud of being one of the most reputable quality motorbike rental shops in Hanoi. With enthusiastic staff, there are many years of experience in the field of motorbike rental. We are ready to serve you anytime, anywhere. Especially our store also has free delivery service for customers who rent motorbikes at the store for 5 days or more.

motorbike rental west lake
Motorbike Rental West Lake

Quality of vehicles is always invested and maintained periodically every month or after each trip. Always ensure the best cars are delivered to customers.

Moderate motorbike rental prices are suitable for all classes. Hanoi motorbike rental price is only 50k / day if you want to rent for a long time. The rental price of the motorbike is fully negotiable if you need to rent a motorbike for a long time or rent a lot of motorbike.

Address 1: Alley 149 – Trích Sài street – Tây Hồ district – Hà Nội ( liên hệ +84343505996 )
Address 2: No 10 – Alley 378/65/42 – Thụy Khuê street – Tây Hồ district – Hà Nội


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